A Cardiologist Examines Jesus: The Stunning Science Behind Eucharistic Miracles

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"The whole topic of eucharistic miracles research should be recog- nized as a new and original chapter in the sometimes-tormented relationship between science and faith. Especially in the last few centuries, this relationship has been mostly confrontational, and we could turn this into an endless discussion. Mankind has always been foolishly trying to be the master of himself. How- ever, the advent of science-despite its many unquestionable benefits-exacerbated this grandiose human delusion. Hence, the ancient tormented discomfort felt by all Christians-that of being in the world without belonging to it-has also been exacerbated. To tell the truth, the same discomfort can indeed be felt in many societal contexts besides that of science, such as the social, political, and economic ones. The world is a field where the good wheat and the weeds live together: we already see that within our inner selves. Thus, there is no need to discuss the chief world systems. Through faith, we know that we will eventually make sense of everything only within the framework of an eschatological perspective, a divine plan"--

The Gospels might not be "good enough" for modernity, and science is certainly its god. But neither is an impediment to the one, true God. Indeed, He is using methods of the twenty-first century -- His twenty-first century -- to show how our Faith can be proven through Eucharistic miracles with clinical scientific precision.

In this astounding book, prominent cardiologist and author Dr. Franco Serafini walks us through the extensive medical and scientific research into five Eucharistic miracles, unveiling the stunning testimonies of hematologists, oncologists, neurologists, geneticists, molecular biologists, and more who all concluded the same thing: the five Eucharistic miracles are undeniably authentic.

In surprising and fascinating ways, each of these miracles relates to the others: all reveal heart muscle tissue, many reveal a heart that was experiencing extreme suffering, and some reveal a heart still enduring tissue trauma.

You'll learn how the human DNA found in Eucharistic substances was identified, what kept a revered eighth-century relic alive until the twenty-first century, and how the identical blood group recurred in the unique miracles to provide contemporary man with a thrilling statistical fortress. Best of all, you'll be armed with the scientific data to prove not only that God is still active in the world but that He desires all of us to be in union with Him through His Most Precious Body and Blood.