El misterio de Jesus de Nazaret

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He spent doing good and is next to us procuring countless, sometimes unknown goods.

He is the only Friend that accompanies every man that comes to this world.?He is God and true man.?Mysterious and close at the same time.?This book presents more than eighty reflections on his Person and his way of loving and suffering, of healing and serving, of forgiving and saving ...

Jesus of Nazareth was born and died more than two thousand years ago, he was resurrected and he is still alive: he is the mysterious traveler who shares our life and waits for us in Heaven.

This book is an approximation to the mystery of the Son of God, who has become man, has come to this world and shares the existence of every man and every woman.?He lived and died and has risen: live!?His presence in the current world is invisible and, at the same time, real and close.?Who is Jesus??These reflections are directed to the reader who wants to discover, know and love Jesus Christ.?Delve into the mystery of his Person.

Francisco Fern?ndez-Carvajal offers in this new work an extension of the book "Life of Jesus".?Through each chapter, the reader will know different aspects of the way of being and acting of Jesus, as it appears in the Gospel and how the prophets of Israel saw it centuries ago.

The book contains more than nine hundred direct references to the Gospel, so that in the book are the evangelists who speak of Jesus.?Who is Jesus Christ? This is the question that the author has raised before the mystery of who said: I am the Light of the world, I am the light and the hope of each one of you.

Francisco Fern?ndez-Carvajal, native of Albolote, Granada, has a degree in History from the University of Navarra and a doctorate in Canon Law from the Angelicum in Rome.?Priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei.?He is one of the contemporary authors of works of spirituality more known.

He is the author of the series "Talking with God", of which more than two million copies have been published.?This great work contains more than five hundred and fifty meditations for each day of the year and has been translated into English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Romanian, Slovak, Czech and Polish.?The translation into Russian and Hungarian is currently underway.

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