My Journey--My Cross: As the Journals End

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With retirement about to begin and RV traveling planned, author Beth Ana is dealing with sadness that sometimes overwhelms her. She wonders why. "What is wrong with me? I should be so excited and eager for this life to start!" The inner voice of God that has led her for over forty-five years leads her now to return to the journals that were written over her married life. She is impressed with the knowledge that there is where she will find the answers and the help needed to bring her joy back. Not only is she to go back to the past, God also tells her to write the story about this journey. She rebels at that notion, for it means revisiting past hurts and struggles-and who wants to go back there. Plus, she wonders, "Just who would be interested in my life story?" God's reply-"Read the journals."

To her surprise, as she begins to start the journey back, she finds that indeed the roots causing her sadness are still buried within. To her added surprise, as she begins her RV travels, the entries of the past connect to the events occurring now, and God uses all to answer a prayer cried out two years into her marriage: "Do something about him; change him, change him like you did St. Paul."

God works in wondrous mysterious ways, and just how He changes Beth's life and marriage is-well, that is part of your "journey" as you read "My Journey--My Cross."

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