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How to talk about sexuality to our children??A question that we can ask ourselves when their first questions arise, moving and ... surprising at the same time.?How to do it??With a response as poetic as evasive at the risk of eluding and delaying the authentic answers??Should we preserve the "innocence" of our son for as long as possible, apologizing with our shame or with the excuse of our occupations?

And, with everything, how can we talk about life and love??Because our children expect us to talk to them about love, and to give meaning to things.?They ask the "why".?Too often, the problem lies there.?Contemporary sex education offers answers to "how", but remains mute before the "why" of our children.?Today there are more and more young people who feel cheated and confess it.?They are super-informed about sex and what they expect is to be told about love.

This work is an authentic manual that aims to help parents in their task of providing sexual education within the family.?Because it is up to us, parents, to correspond to find the words - our words - to talk to the children.?And they will be the best, because they arise from the heart and because we know and love our children more than anyone else!

In?s P?lissi? du Rausas is married and has five children.?He has published his PhD thesis on philosophy: Modesty, the desire to love and human love (Editions des Beatitudes, 1996), and is currently a speaker at conferences, which allows him to collect the concrete cases, the testimonies of the parents and the children's opinions that give body to this work.

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