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New Catholic Bible For Youth Gift Edition


This Bible for youth boasts the fresh, faithful, and reader-friendly New Catholic Bible translation in a convenient size. The treasure that complements the Word of God in this edition is a series of 25 inserts that focus on issues today’s youths encounter and deal with in their day-to-day lives.

The four-page inserts offer youth the opportunity to see what the Bible says about the topic; to seek understanding about why the topic matters; to read inspiration from the lives of Saints, spiritual writers, Popes, and holy men and women; to glimpse the inspiration that the Church imparts; to discover ways to encounter God; to pray; and to reflect on questions that will help determine how they will live as disciples of Our Lord.

The vibrant inserts will attract youth and draw them into the riches they contain. With a mix of encouragement, understanding, relevant content, insights, meaningful reflection questions, and more, the inserts will provide young people with a go-to companion as they navigate through important life and faith questions and considerations.

Choose the New Catholic Bible for Youth to enrich, inspire, educate, and challenge the young people you love, you teach, you respect.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781958237243
ISBN10: 1958237248
Translation: Other
Language: English
Colors: Teal and Gold
Binding: Duo-Tone
Published: October 2023
Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing


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