Saint Michael and the Holy Angels: Their Relations with the Visible World

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First published in French in 1870, Saint Michael and the Holy Angels: Their Relations with the Visible World is Catholic priest Fr. Eugène Soyer's comprehensive treatise on the angelic world, St. Michael's preeminent place in it, and the precious bonds existing between angels and men. Drawing from Sacred Scripture, Fathers and Doctors of the Church, the lives of saints and mystics, Church-recognized apparitions and miracles, and key lessons from Church history, this book is certain to inspire the Christian reader with greater love for and confidence in the heavenly champion God has given us in the person of St. Michael the Archangel--so important within the context of the great spiritual battle we are fighting in the Church and world today. Guardian angels are also discussed in detail, as are Satan and the demons: their nature, their hierarchy, and their real influence over individuals and society. As a native of Normandy, France, Fr. Soyer additionally devotes a latter portion of the book to the miraculous history of the region's world-renowned shrine of Mont Saint-Michel. A fascinating read!


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