The Adventure: Living Out Your Relationship with God (Catholic Edition

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The Adventure: Living Out Your Relationship with God (Catholic Edition) is your one-of-a-kind guide to the adventure God is calling you to live. It includes getting to know God, why having a relationship with him matters, and how to become friends with him (yes, it's possible). You'll learn how he talks to you, how you can talk to him, how you can do things with him, and how we connect with him and one another through the sacraments and the Church.

If you already know God, this book can help you know him even better. If you're not sure about God or the Catholic Church, this book will bust the myth that it's all about rules and help you to see that it's all about a relationship.

Inside The Adventure:



    • Real-world advice and practical tips for learning how to be friends with God


    • Bible verses that suddenly make sense when you see them in a new light


    • Challenges for you to take that will make you stronger, braver, and more committed to the adventure


    • Questions in each chapter (that you'll actually want to answer) and space to write down your own thoughts and ideas


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