The Catholicism Answer Book: The 300 Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Rev. Fr. John Trigilio, Jr., PhD, ThD, a native of Erie, Pennsylvania, is pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel (Marysville, Pennsylvania) and St. Bernadette Catholic Churches (Duncannon, Pennsylvania). He is the current president of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, and also cohosts two weekly television and radio series on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).


Rev. Fr. Kenneth D. Brighenti, PhD, a native of New Britain, Connecticut, is pastor of Saint Ann Catholic Church (Raritan, New Jersey). He is the managing editor of Sapientia magazine and cohosts the weekly TV and radio series on EWTN, Crash Course in Catholicism, with Father Trigilio.

Table of Contents:
Section One: Creed-Catholic Doctrine
Chapter 1: Who Is God?
Chapter 2: Where in the Bible?
Chapter 3: Who Is Jesus?-
Chapter 4: What about Mary, the Mother of Jesus? -
Chapter 5: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell-


Section Two: Why Seven Sacraments?-Catholic Worship
Chapter 6: Divine Grace -
Chapter 7: Baptism and Confirmation -
Chapter 8: Penance and Anointing -
Chapter 9: Holy Orders and Matrimony -
Chapter 10: Eucharist and Communion-
Chapter 11: Sacramentals-


Section Three: Which Ten?-The Ten Commandments
Chapter 12: Moral Questions from a Catholic Perspective -
Chapter 13: Vice and Virtue -
Chapter 14: Sin-
Chapter 15: Controversial Moral Issues -
Chapter 16: Honoring God -
Chapter 17: Honoring Your Neighbor -


Section Four: Our Father-Our Prayer
Chapter 18: Prayer -
Chapter 19: Our Father or the Lord's Prayer-
Chapter 20: Hail Mary-
Chapter 21: Piety and Devotions -
Section Five: Yesterday and Today: Church History and Common Questions
Chapter 22: Church History -
Chapter 23: This and That -



Publisher Marketing:

A reliable guide to understanding the Anglican Catholic faith and practice.

The Roman Catholic Church--one of the world's oldest religions and the largest branch of Christianity--claims a total of over 1 billion baptized members around the globe and has been revered by billions of followers for thousands of years. Why?

The Catholicism Answer Book answers 300 pivotal questions about how to be catholic. From the basic tenets of Christianity and the nature of God and salvation to the differences between a Catholic Bible and a Protestant Bible, readers of this catholic history and social teaching book can round out their knowledge on such inquiries as:

  • What are the "lost" or "missing" books of the Bible?
  • Why can't Catholics divorce or remarry?
  • Why are priests celibate?
  • Why does it seem like Catholics worship Mary?
  • Why confess to a priest when I can go directly to God?

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