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The?Wood Cross of Simplicity?is a stately new piece that is handcrafted in Germany using only the finest natural wood. With its beautiful grain and tapered design, this artisan-made cross bespeaks the simplicity of the sacred. At 8 inches by 4 inches, the?Wood Cross of Simplicity?will find an elegant place in your home, complementing your decor and drawing out a sense of the sacred without overpowering anything. It is one of our most popular wood wall crosses.

An Understated Elegance for Your Home

The?Wood Cross of Simplicity?is an excellent gift for clergy, for young folks headed off to college, and for houses with wooden furniture, tables, or decor. It features an eyelet at the back to allow for easy hanging anywhere in the house. Everything about this cross, from the elegant curve of the grain, so the simple but perfect fit of the pieces, speaks of the simply beauty of the sacred. It reminds us that the sacred can be found not just in the splendor of vast, dramatic landscapes, but also in the setting of the sun on the simple prairie, a quiet night at home, or a glance from a loved one.

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