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  • Bible Stories For Little Children


    The Bible stories kids love best

    In charming words and classic images beloved by children for over a century, here are the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, David and Goliath, and the Birth of Jesus.

    Kids will meet the Three Wise Men and hear Jesus tell of the Good Samaritan, the Rich Man and Lazarus, the Prodigal Son, and the Good Shepherd who goes in search of his lost sheep. They’ll see Jesus walk on water, wash His Apostles’ feet, carry His Cross, and rise from the dead.

    These and the other Bible stories here will fill young children with a sense of wonder and a deep, abiding confidence that God truly loves them.

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  • Catholic Babys First Bible


    This best-selling line of board books comes with a clasp and handle. Features Catholic Scripture.

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  • Donkey That No One Could Ride


    “… You will see a young donkey tied there that no one has ever ridden.”

    Bestselling author Anthony DeStefano begins his creative telling of the beloved Bible story of Christ’s triumphant entry by introducing the young donkey who has yet to realize his important mission. The lowly creature believes he can do nothing noble, but that’s before he meets the Master…

    Then Jesus said to the donkey,
    “It’s time that you knew
    About the great thing
    That you’re destined to do…”
    He hears the sad donkey cry,
    “Just leave me alone and cast me aside.
    I’m just a poor donkey that no one can ride.”

    Richard Cowdry’s colorful illustrations pair beautifully with Anthony’s charming rhymes. Together, they bring this timeless story of the donkey who carries Jesus into Jerusalem to a joyful finish. While especially appropriate as an Easter gift, this year-round story is for all time and for young and old alike.

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  • God The Father And The Best Day Ever


    You’ve heard Easter’s story,
    You know how it goes:
    Christ died for our sins
    And on Easter, he rose.

    But there’s more to the story
    That you might not know.
    What happened above when God
    Triumphed below?

    Find out the answer in
    a story you’ll treasure:
    God the Father
    and the Best Day Ever.

    With beautiful illustrations and memorable rhyme, this book tells the sweeping story of God’s love for us since the beginning of time. Your child will learn how Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection opened heaven, so we can spend eternity with God.

    God the Father and the Best Day Ever shows children that God is a father who is loving and lovable, helping them to grow in a relationship with him that will last a lifetime.

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  • Illustrated Parables Of Jesus For Children


    Selected parables from the Gospels are told in a youthful yet tasteful comic-book style. The simple words and beautiful, brightly colored illustrations will captivate children whether they read the book on their own or with their family.

    The book includes a brief introduction to the parables. And each parable is told by Jesus, who is shown telling the tale to his disciples or the crowd as recorded in the Gospels. The Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son, The Unforgiving Servant, and many more stories are faithfully gathered here to instruct and inspire children.

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  • New Catholic Childrens Bible


    Over 90 Bible stories for children, richly illustrated in full color. From the story of creation to the naming of Peter as the first Pope, this volume will educate and delight children. Includes Bible Dictionary and maps.

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  • New Catholic Picture Bible (Revised)


    Now in a padded hardcover edition, here are Catholic stories taken from the Holy Bible, intended for the whole family and easy to understand. The first part treats the Old Testament-from Adam to Christ-and contains the most important and memorable events in God’s dealings with man during that time. The second part contains sixty stories from the New Testament that narrate beautifully the life, teachings, and work of Our Lord and Savior. These simply written stories, praised by leading Catholic educators for their style, will delight children time after time.
    April 2015 – Updated and Digitally Re-mastered

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  • Read Aloud Book Of Bible Stories (Revised)


    Originally published: The nursery book of Bible stories. London: T.C. and E.C. Jack, between 1907 and 1922. With minor editorial revisions.

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  • When Jesus Speaks


    Imagine the thrill and wonder in the hearts of children as they witness the divine power of Jesus – in the astonished leper, his rags falling to the ground as he touches his smooth face; in the deaf man turning his head toward birdsong; in the bent, crippled woman unfurling to full stature, rejoicing!

    Through the stirring illustrations of Byron Hamilton and the searing simplicity of author Susan Joy Bellavance, When Jesus Speaks convinces each heart that the divine power of Jesus’ word is real, commanding wind and waves, life and death, and then applies that reality to the mystery of the Eucharist.

    When Jesus Speaks recalls centuries of the Church’s faithfulness to the Lord truly present in the Holy Eucharist, generation after generation, Mass after Mass, to this very day.

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  • Action Bible New And Expanded Stories (Expanded)


    The Action Bible presents more than 230 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easy to follow the Bible’s historical flow and building up to the thrilling climax of God’s redemptive story.

    Plus, these spectacular updates take the action to a whole new level:

    *25 new stories showcase a more extensive exploration of God’s work in our lives.
    *23 expanded stories highlight additional experiences of the people who tell God’s story.
    *128 new pages of illustrations deliver a richer artistic experience with more close-up faces, historical details, and dramatic colors.

    Every page sparks excitement to explore God’s Word and know Him personally. Readers will witness God’s active presence in the world through stories from the life of Jesus and great heroes of the faith.

    Let this blend of powerful imagery and clear storytelling capture your imagination and instill the truth that invites you to discover your own adventure of life with God.

    Sergio Cariello’s illustrations for The Action Bible leap off the page with the same thrilling energy that earned him international recognition for his work with Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

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  • Catholic Babys First Prayers


    This best-selling line of board books comes with a clasp and handle. Features Catholic Scripture.

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