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  • 1 Day He Beckoned


    SKU (ISBN): 9780877939993ISBN10: 0877939993Antoinette BoscoBinding: Trade PaperPublished: January 2004Publisher: Ave Maria Press

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  • 150 People Places And Things You Never Knew Were Catholic


    Good luck getting through an entire day without experiencing the impact of Catholicism. Woken up by an alarm or checked the time? The mechanical clock was invented in the tenth century by a monk who became pope. A bowl of cereal for breakfast? Your milk is safe thanks to Louis Pasteur, a devout Catholic whose research was driven by a love of God and humanity. Knock on wood? It’s actually an ancient Catholic practice invoking the power of the Cross when facing trouble or danger.

    Each entry in 150 People, Places, and Things You Never Knew Were Catholic is rich with detail and nuance. Here are Catholic stories full of drama, decisions, and inspiration.

    The fruits of our Catholic Faith are all around us, and the ways in which the Church has shaped history and the secular world can be found in science, art, pop culture, sports, and more. Our most enduring (and endearing) customs, pastimes, practices, and institutions often can be traced back to an inventive, resourceful Catholic. You’ll discover things you never knew – and come away with inspiration for how you, too, can impact the world.

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  • 5 Years In Heaven


    What is heaven on earth? The answer lies in this true story of one young man’s journey to find hope and purpose with the help of an unlikely teacher–a compassionate and wise old nun, whom the world had long-forgotten.

    By the time Harvard-educated John Schlimm turned 31 years old, he had worked with some of the biggest superstars in Nashville and served under the most powerful people in the White House. But something was missing. His life had come to a standstill, lost in a whirl of questions about belonging, faith, rejection, and purpose. He soon decides to return to his small-town roots in search of a new beginning.

    Returning home, John meets 87-year-old Sister Augustine, the beguiling self-taught artist-in-residence at the ceramic shop on the sprawling grounds of the local 150-year-old convent. John is instantly bowled over by Sister’s quiet grace and vision. Before long, his weekly visits to Sister’s shop become a master’s class in the meaning of life, love, humility, and second chances. As she directed him on the road to self-discovery and salvation, John returned the favor by putting Sister Augustine on the front page of newspapers and showing his friend that her life still had one very important and unexpected final chapter yet to go.

    In “Five Years in Heaven,” John shares the wisdom, humor, grace, and inspiration he experienced during his hundreds of visits with Sister Augustine. “Five Years in Heaven” reminds us that we can find love and joy in the most unlikely of places, and that the building blocks of peace and happiness are always within our reach.

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  • And God Said Play Ball


    This book is entertaining and educational: fanciful and inspirational. And God Said, “Play Ball!” makes the Bible more approachable by relating it to a game loved by both children and adults. It also shows that baseball is not only a game, but a never-ending series of lessons about life, as well. The book is divided into 18 chapters, each representing one half inning of a baseball game. In each half inning a topic is explored, with parallels being drawn between the Bible and the game. Author Gary Graf has been a baseball fan for more than 40 years and a Catholic longer than that. You won’t find a more inspiring gift for the baseball fan in your life.

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  • At Play In Creation


    In this series of deeply meditative retreat conferences, Christopher Pramuk leads the reader through a sustained meditation on Wisdom-Sophia, the feminine face of God’s presence alive in the world, who speaks and sings in the writings of Thomas Merton. With the sensitivity of a poet and the intellectual acuity of a seasoned teacher and Catholic theologian, Pramuk invites readers to taste and see for themselves the hidden presence of Christ and the dynamism of Love at play in creation; the biblical and mystical tradition from East to West calls this presence Sophia. Looking beyond Merton to seek out her presence in the silent and broken landscapes of our world today, Pramuk shows Sophia above all to be the bearer of hope in an age of unspeakable violence and planetary destruction.

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  • At Sea With God


    British author and retreat director Margaret Silf develops the image of life as a sea voyage to shed new light on the spiritual journey.

    The art of sailing life’s waters is explored with this delightful self-guided retreat. Silf uses seven aspects of sailing to explore the spiritual life: the boat, the cargo, setting sail, navigating uncharted waters, the perils of the deep, being adrift, and dropping anchor. Her creative use of scripture, reflection questions, journal starters, and real-life seafaring wisdom enables readers to reflect on their experience with fresh insight. This gentle spiritual guidebook unites ancient spiritual practices with contemporary experience in a compassionate, enlightening manner that Christians of all faiths will appreciate.

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  • Awakening : Conversations With The Masters


    From the bestselling author of Awareness and The Way to Love comes a classic reissue of lessons to inspire readers every day of the year.

    With more than two million books sold and countless admirers throughout the world, Anthony de Mello is regarded as one of the most influential religious teachers of the past fifty years. Since his death in 1987, widespread recognition of his work’s enduring value has continued to grow. In Awakening, de Mello explores “the wisdom that cannot be conveyed in human speech.” Through 365 meditations, blending the mystical traditions of both East and West, he creates the lessons of a profound “master” to his “pupil,” illustrating our common need for harmony and enlightenment. The daily parables, sometimes cryptic and often witty, are not meant so much to instruct as to awaken the understanding deep within the human heart.

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  • Be Still And Know Journal


    Set some time apart to journal your thoughts, adoration, and prayers in the Be Still Floral Embroidered Blue Faux Leather Classic Journal with Zippered Closure. The daily Scripture verses paired with the beautiful design will prompt your heart and mind to become still for a time of worship.

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  • Be Strong And Courageous


    SKU (ISBN): 9781580510769ISBN10: 1580510760David YountBinding: Trade PaperPublished: September 2000Publisher: Sheed & Ward Print On Demand Product

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  • Behold The Man


    Lucid and inspiring, Behold the Man is a unique exploration of Catholic spirituality for men. Much of the literature written for Catholic men focuses on topical issues such as fatherhood and sexuality. While this book does not exclude these subjects, it is the first to present a comprehensive picture of Catholic male spirituality.

    What is authentic male Catholic spirituality? What distinguishes it from Protestant male spirituality? How does masculine spirituality complement feminine spirituality? These questions and many more are answered in this book.

    Drawing from Scripture and Church teaching, the author roots Catholic male spirituality in a covenant relationship with God and the cross of Jesus Christ. He demonstrates that when a man embraces the cross he is truly able to be himself-the man that God created and calls him to be. Behold the Man can deepen a man’s experience of Christ and help him to know the Lord more intimately.

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  • Blessed Endurance : Moving Beyond Despair To Hope


    Where is God when we are hurting or in despair? How can we respond faithfully to situations that cause us pain? Where can we find hope even when we feel hopeless? Pain, despair, and struggle are part of life, and they test our character as God’s people. John Wimmer approaches these challenges to our faith realistically and thoughtfully. Although we can’t always understand or control many things that happen to us, we can choose how we will respond to them. Wimmer encourages us to view difficulties as opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. Rather than diminishing faith, pain and despair can lead to greater trust in God. To endure through such times is a blessing. This inspiring book offers practical help for moving from pain and despair to the blessing of hope. Wimmer reminds readers that with hope we also have faithnot the false belief that our lives will be pain-free, but true faith that God will lead us through our struggles to deeper levels of spiritual growth and wisdom.

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  • Blessed Hanna Chrzanowska RN


    Blessed Hanna Chrzanowska, RN: A Nurse of Mercy recounts the extraordinary life of a holy, 20th-century woman whose tireless efforts to serve her patients both medically and spiritually even in the face of Communist oppression changed Polish healthcare and the worldwide Catholic Church. Woman of faith. Polish nurse. Medical pioneer. In Blessed Hanna Chrzanowska, RN: A Nurse of Mercy, discover the inspiring story of the first lay registered nurse to be beatified.

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  • Blessings For Leaders


    In Blessings for Leaders, Dan Ebener skillfully weaves an understanding of one of the most powerful and familiar Bible passages with insights drawn from his experience developing faith-filled leaders in churches, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. Each chapter begins with Scripture, reflects on the inward journey of leadership through the virtues associated with that Beatitude, and addresses some of the outward challenges of leadership. The book makes specific suggestions about mission, vision, core values, followership, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, communication and listening, team-building, meeting facilitation, innovation, and leading change.

    Straightforward, easy to read, and filled with illuminating stories, this book is ideal for anyone searching for Christian insight into leadership and for groups journeying to a deeper understanding of Jesus’ vision for leadership.

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  • Bruised And Wounded


    The bestselling author of The Holy Longing turns his attention to one of the stigmas of our time: suicide. His book, Bruised and Wounded, presents a new way of understanding death by suicide with chapters on:

    *Removing the Taboo
    *Despair as Weakness Rather than Sin
    *Reclaiming the Memory of Our Loved One

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  • Butlers Lives Of The Saints


    There is no greater authority on the saints than Alban Butler, and his enormous research has been the standard reference on the subject for the last two and a half centuries. This new adaptation of Butler’s multi-volume book presents a modernized text for today’s reader and provides an illuminating guide both for Catholics and those of other denominations, omitting the difficult ecclesiastical terminology of the original text.

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  • Catholic Tide Continues To Turn


    In his first book, The Tide is Turning Toward Catholicism, well-known blogger David J. Hartline let readers in on the good things happening within the Catholic Church that often go unnoticed. As always, he infused his reporting with the keen, insightful analysis that has made his reputation. The result? Thousands of readers became aware of these good things and walked away with a much needed sense of hope.

    In The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn. Hartline again turns his gaze to subsequent trends within Catholicism and the secular world, helping us make sense of both. As he did in The Tide is Turning, he shines a magnifying lens on our times as no one else can. This book will give readers a better understanding of the very dark and sometimes threatening clouds hovering above us today. However, readers will also discover the many amazingly bright rays of hope and the many positive things happening within the Church. Better yet, they will learn how these developments are our best chance at building a better tomorrow for us all.

    For anyone who wants a compelling, easy-to-read assessment of Catholicism’s today and her likely tomorrow, The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn will offer that and much, much more..

    David Hartline occasional writings on the present life of the Church have borne fruit in this book. He makes a good case that the present time’s spiritual struggle will set the stage for a stronger Church.

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