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Object Lessons for Sermons

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  • Behold The Man


    Behold The Man is a sermon/study series for Lent inspired by the words of Pontius Pilate about Jesus. The theme is carefully explored from the First Sunday in Lent through Easter Sunday.

    For each Sunday a sermon, prayer, children’s sermon, order of worship and discussion questions are provided.

    The purpose of these messages is to enable us to look at Jesus in the crucial times of his life and ministry. In beholding him as he was then we will be able to see him now.

    Sections include:
    * Behold the Man Who Was Tempted As We Are
    * Behold the Man Who Takes Away Sin
    * Behold the Man Who Taught By The Sea
    * Behold the Man Who Trained Disciples
    * Behold the Man Who Turned Toward Jerusalem
    * Behold the Man Who Tried To Be King
    * Behold the Man Who Took The Victory

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  • Jesus The Servant King


    Good morning boys and girls. How would you like to use your imaginations and visit some of the places that Jesus visited during the last week of his life? If you look closely, you will see, with my help, the streets, the palaces, the gardens, the dining room, the church and even the place where Jesus died and was buried. (from the lesson “The Temple”)

    Jesus, The Servant King offers six object lessons for Lent. Each lesson focuses on a place where Jesus visited during the critical final week of his life. Each lesson includes a drawing, which you may use to show children while telling your story.

    The lesson themes are:
    The temple
    The upper room
    The garden
    The streets of Jerusalem
    The empty tomb

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