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Family Concerns

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  • 3 To Get Married


    One of the greatest and best-loved spokesmen for the Catholic Faith here sets out the Church’s beautiful understanding of marriage in his trademark clear and entertaining style. Frankly and charitably, Sheen presents the causes of and solutions to common marital crises, and tells touching real-life stories of people whose lives were transformed through marriage. He emphasizes that our Blessed Lord is at the center of every successful and loving marriage. This is a perfect gift for engaged couples, or for married people as a fruitful occasion for self-examination.

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  • 5 Steps To Building Unity In A Marriage


    If you are looking to strengthen the relationship in your marriage, this short book is for you. The Kelleys share their thoughts about building unity in a marriage in a simple, but powerful way. The steps are all based on love referred to as the Art of Loving: be the first to love; see and love God in the other; enter into what the other is living, making yourself one with him or her; love those who hurt you. By the end of this short read, you may end up full of gratitude as the Insights and Examples lead you from a discovery of your own sense of being loved and feeling love for your spouse, to a desire to reach out with love to others.

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  • 9 Ways To Nurture Your Marriage


    This collection of light-hearted anecdotes has been compiled from conversations with couples who have found the key to a happy, fulfilling marriage. From these interviews, the Rabiors derive nine ways to energize your marriage, nurture spiritual life, and to cultivate physical intimacy. Spouses will discover how to communicate more clearly, develop trust, enjoy a better sexual relationship, put a stop to pointless power struggles, deal creatively with anger, and more.

    At the end of each chapter, the authors have provided points for discussion to generate dialogue–helping with new growth and possibilities.

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  • Advent A Family Celebration


    Advent is the perfect season to begin praying as a family! Its wealth of traditions, such as the Advent wreath, the Advent calendar, and the Jesse tree, can be the perfect focal point for prayer. Advent: A Family Celebration will delight both children and adults with its ability to relate Scripture and prayer to real life events.
    Each day’s meditation, designed to be said after the lighting of the Advent wreath, features a Scripture passage based on the Mass readings. A reflection and prayer then relates the Bible passage to a story or event.
    Two sets of meditations are written-one for very young children and another for older ones.
    Prayers for all three Sunday cycles are also included. In addition, the book includes special Scripture passages and prayers to say each day while decorating the Jesse tree.
    In the frenzy of the busy shopping season, family prayer during Advent keeps the reason for Christmas ever before us and our children.

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  • Becoming Wife : Saying Yes To More Than The Dress


    Whether you are preparing to be or are already a wife, you likely are immersed in the external reality of marriage. But being wife is so much more: It’s a call to holiness and a vocation of incredible significance.

    Becoming Wife explores what it means for a woman to fulfill this vocation. Catholic wife, mother, speaker, and author Rachel Bulman shares – like a friend over a cup of coffee – how being a wife is at once a calling and a purpose. The more a wife makes herself a gift to her husband, to her children, and to the world, the more she inevitably becomes the person God created her to be. She becomes more wife, more woman, more Christian. Thus, she fulfills her identity as a daughter of God and cultivates the soil from which her motherhood comes to fruition.

    By exploring the life of the Blessed Mother and the guidance of great minds in the Church, like Saint John Paul II and Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, this book unwraps the gift of becoming a wife and what it means to make a “total gift” of oneself through matrimony.

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  • Blessings And Prayers For Married Couples


    Here is the perfect resource for encouraging married couples to engage in the spiritual discipline of daily prayer as a means of affirming the blessings and intimacy of their relationship.

    The seven sections of the wedding vows serve as the framework upon which hang the enduring values that need to be renewed through the decades with scripture, reflections, and questions.

    This inspiring book provides an aid to couples for continuing to find praying together a natural act for a lifetime of love. It will make a thoughtful gift, whether for newlyweds, couples celebrating their anniversaries, or Marriage Encounter participants.

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  • Blessings And Prayers For New Parents


    It can be scary to hold your newborn–especially your first time! Yet God’s grace and spirit are present. Blessing and Prayers for New Parents calls attention to these holy moments by offering reflections, prayers, scripture, special suggestions for growing as a parent, and ways to remember how much you love your child as you grow together as a family.

    Enjoy the new life of your child as author Matthew Beck shares prayers and blessings as you “anxiously await the wonder” on up through “God and toddlers” and beyond

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  • Breastfeeding And Catholic Motherhood


    SKU (ISBN): 9781933184043ISBN10: 1933184043Sheila KippleyBinding: Trade PaperPublished: March 2005Publisher: Sophia Institute Print On Demand Product

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  • Caring For Your Aging Parent


    SKU (ISBN): 9780879737313ISBN10: 087973731XBill Dodds | Monica DoddsBinding: Trade PaperPublisher: Our Sunday Visitor Inc.

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  • Catholic Family Advent


    For many families, the four weeks leading up to Christmas can be a time of great stress, unrealized dreams, a commercial blur, and a financial burden. Susan Hines-Brigger, the mother of four children, knows well that the days counting down to Christmas can easily become for parents and grandparents a nightmare of whiny behavior, crowded to-do lists, and a less-than-spiritual experience. That’s why this mother who has seen and heard it all in her own home during Advent created this resource with prayers and activities: She wants to put Christ back into the family holiday celebration and help families-even hers-become holier. Using A Catholic Family Advent on a daily basis will give Catholic families time together to pray, reflect on Scripture, and do a simple activity together. This daily source of inspiration can be used in the family setting as prayer before or after meals, as morning and evening prayer, or as family time in front of the Advent wreath or Christmas creche.

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  • Catholic Family Prayers


    Too often, the noises and pressures of the world drown out the still, small voice of our heavenly Father. This little book will help Catholic families take advantage of quiet moments&mdashin the mornings, at mealtimes, throughout the day, and at night-to join together for times of thanksgiving, intercession, petition, praise, and all sorts of prayer, drawing closer to the Lord and to each other.

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  • Catholic Grandparents Handbook


    Whats the difference between being a grandparent and being a Catholic grandparent? Youll find the answer to this questionand much morein The Catholic Grandparents Handbook. This book offers ideas and inspiration on how you can incorporate faith, hope, love, and fun into your relationship with your grandchildren. Topics such as the importance of prayer, sharing faith, passing on family history, and preserving family traditions are explored. Youll also find valuable advice on helping grandchildren through difficult times, dealing with grandchildren who are unchurched, and building strong relationshipseven when grandchildren live far away. Whether you are an experienced grandparent or awaiting the arrival of your first grandchild, this handbook will support and affirm you as you grow in your role as a Catholic grandparent.

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  • Consecration To Saint Joseph For Children And Families


    Protect your family! Entrust your family to St. Joseph. Why? Because God, Himself, did. God entrusted the Holy Family to St. Joseph to keep them safe, and so should you. Drawing on the wealth of the Church’s living tradition, Fr. Donald H. Calloway, MIC and co-author Scott L. Smith, Jr., call on all of us to turn to St. Joseph, entrust ourselves, our children and families, our Church, and our world to our spiritual father’s loving care. Watch for wonders when the Universal Patron of the Church opens the floodgates of Heaven to pour out graces into your family’s lives.

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  • Domestic Monastery : Creating A Spiritual Life At Home


    What is a monastery? A monastery is a place set apart–a place to learn the blessings of powerlessness, and that time is not ours but God’s. Our home and our duties can, just like a monastery, teach us those things. The vocation of monastic men and women is to physically withdraw from the world. But the principle is equally valid for those of us who cannot go off to monasteries. Certain vocations offer the same kind of opportunity for contemplation, and provide a desert for reflection.

    In ten brief and powerful chapters, Fr. Ron explores how monastery life can apply to those who don’t live in a cloister:

    – Monasticism and Family Life
    – The Domestic Monastery
    – Real Friendship
    – Lessons from the Monastic Cell
    – Ritual for Sustaining Prayer
    – Tensions within Spirituality
    – A Spirituality of Parenting
    – Spirituality and the Seasons of Our Lives
    – The Sacredness of Time
    – Life’s Key Question

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  • Faith Development In Early Childhood


    SKU (ISBN): 9781556122125ISBN10: 1556122128Editor: Doris BlazerBinding: UnknownPublished: November 1999Publisher: Sheed & Ward Print On Demand Product

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  • Family Examine


    The Family Examine is a beautifully illustrated story book. Full color.

    This short story book is actually a prayer, not a story. Based on the Ignatian Examine, The Family Examine will take our family through this powerful mediation, together. Along with prompts for the examine, each day also features the incredible art of Jen Olson, which depicts an image of the Holy Family. Therefore, the Holy Family is your real guide through this powerful exercise.

    As we worked on this book, here is how I dreamt this book would be used:

    A parent grabs the book and sits down on the couch. Kids snuggle in. The family makes the sign of the cross and then the parent open the book and reads the opening prayer. Now the family begins the Examine together. On the first page they pause and silently become aware that God is present. Next, the family recalls and shares one beautiful thing they experienced. Next, each person shares a way that they felt love today, and then sorrow and finally grace. Maybe not everyone will share for each topic, but together the family will recall the way God worked in their life that day.

    The book concludes with a prayer for your family.

    It’s simple and beautiful. And the art on each page will inspire you as you recall they way God was present in your day.

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