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  • While I Breathe I Hope


    Deeply spiritual and personal reflections from distinguished theologian Richard R. Gaillardetz.

    Diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, theologian Dr. Richard R. Gaillardetz started sharing his thoughts and reflections on CaringBridge and signed off each entry with the Latin phrase ” dum spiro, spero” (“While I breathe, I hope”). In his chronologically compiled essays, Rick moves through his final season of life seeking insight from his Christian faith, while discovering new meaning in the signs and symbols that mark familiar liturgical seasons and celebrations. He explores fears and doubts, joys and sufferings, and the graces and blessings he encounters along his final journey. With shots of humor, a few sports analogies, and a sprinkling of quotes from Karl Rahner, Rick offers wisdom for all in his poignant exploration of what it means to be a person of faith, entering the paschal mystery, ever hopeful for the life to come.

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  • World Christianity : History, Methodologies, Horizons


    In this anthology of original essays, key scholars adress a wide range of issues and debates on the status and trajectory of the discipline of World Christianity, arguably the fastest growing field of study in the theological academy today.

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  • Full Of Your Glory


    This collection of essays explores the rich and diverse intersections between the world of liturgy and the worlds of creation and the cosmos. The intersections highlighted here include biblical, historical, visual, and musical materials as well as contemporary theological and pastoral challenges for worship today. The essays gathered in this volume were first presented at the 2018 Yale Institute of Sacred Music Liturgy Conference and are here made available to a wider audience. These essays are responses to the unprecedented attention to ecological and cosmological concerns, which call for sustained engagement by scholars and practitioners of liturgy.

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  • Exploring Catholic Theology (Reprinted)


    Robert Barron is one of the Catholic Church’s premier theologians and author of the influential The Priority of Christ. In this volume, Barron sets forth a thoroughgoing vision for an evangelical catholic theology that is steeped in the tradition and engaged with the contemporary world. Striking a balance between academic rigor and accessibility, the book covers issues of perennial interest in the twenty-first-century church: who God is, how to rightly worship him, and how his followers engage contemporary culture. Topics include the doctrine of God, Catholic theology, philosophy, liturgy, and evangelizing the culture. This work will be of special interest to readers concerned about the so-called “new atheism.”

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  • God We Worship


    In The God We Worship Nicholas Wolterstorff takes a ground-up approach to liturgical theology, examining the oft-hidden implications of traditional elements of liturgy. Given that “no liturgy has ever been composed from scratch,” Wolterstorff argues that the assumptions taken into worship are key to perceiving the real depths of historical Christianity’s understanding of God.

    Across the liturgies of the Orthodox, Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Reformed churches, Wolterstorff highlights theologically neglected elements of God, such as an implicit liturgical understanding of God as listener. A dissection of liturgy is not only interesting, Wolterstorff argues, but crucial for reconciling differences between the God studied by theologians and the God worshiped by churchgoers on Sunday.

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  • Living In The House Of God


    “How should we live in this house of God? We know that the way a building is shaped also helps in determining the way those within it live and relate. We are indeed formed by what we form. Qualities such as integrity, hospitality, humanity and beauty in a place will enable its dwellers to live lives in which such qualities are evident. The way we understand who we are and how we live will be reflected in our places and vice versa. Our places become bearers of meaning and memory.” -From Chapter 1
    In Living in the House of God, Margaret Malone draws on her study of and research on the Rule of Saint Benedict to show the ways in which this ancient rule can illuminate modern life. The broad gamut of topics this book examines-from Benedictine life as sacrament to Augustine’s influence on Benedict to obedience and the art of listening, among others-is itself a witness to the generous flexibility of the Rule, as Benedict proposes a way of life that truly corresponds to the deepest needs of the whole of human nature.

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  • Jesus Risen In Our Midst


    Jesus Risen in Our Midst mines the Resurrection Narrative of John’s gospel as a rich resource for understanding and developing Christian spirituality. In this series of essays, which can be read independently of one another, Scripture scholar Sandra Schneiders draws out especially fascinating insights on

    *the place of the Resurrection in the overall structure of the Gospel of John
    *the important structure of John 20, which presents a series of episodes that are internally related to each other and constitute a distinctive synthesis of Christian spirituality
    *what the Resurrection story reveals about the New Covenant promised by Jeremiah and Ezekiel
    *the anthropology and eschatology that is operative in John’s account of the Resurrection
    *the distinction in John between the Glorification and the Resurrection of Jesus

    Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM, is professor emerita in the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. Her many books include her trilogy Religious Life in a New Millennium, Written That You May Believe: Encountering Jesus in the Fourth Gospel; and, from Liturgical Press, The Revelatory Text: Interpreting the New Testament as Sacred Scripture.

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  • Prophetic Dialogue : Reflections On Christian Mission Today


    A collection of essays that demonstrates that to be effective in the twenty-first century, mission must be prophetic as it encounters other cultures and religious traditions.

    When we speak as mission as dialogue, then, we are about as far away from imagining mission as conquering the world for Christ and missionaries as marines of the Catholic Church as we probably can get. There has indeed been a radical shift, both in the world in which the church does mission and within the church s own consciousness of the goodness and even holiness of that world. These words from one of the essays in this superb collection clearly demonstrate the changing of mission today.

    In this volume, Fathers Bevans and Schroeder address a primary challenge faced by Christians missioners today: How can they bring the Christian tradition to interact respectfully and effectively with members of other cultures and traditions from around the globe and still be prophetic?

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  • Young And Catholic In America


    A collection of essays from young Catholics that provides a powerful description of the next generation of American Catholics.

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  • At The Heart Of Christian Worship


    Cardinal Yves Congar is universally known and respected as the great ecclesiologist of Vatican II whose seminal ideas helped to reconfigure the landscape of Catholic theology following the council. Less well known is his role in contributing far-reaching insights to the emerging liturgical movement in the church. This collection represents several of Congar’s decisive contributions. Reading them makes possible a deeper and more cogent reception of the key ideas of the council documents. These texts are at once both erudite and exciting, both essential and pastorally incisive. There has never been a better time to disseminate these critically important liturgical insights than the present moment.

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  • Landmark Essays In Mission And World Christianity


    Ideal for study or reference, this volume collects classic essays from the past century on the most pressing questions in mission studies.

    This anthology offers an invaluable entree into the best thinking on the nature of mission and the emergence of world Christianity.With selections from authors as diverse as Karl Barth, Kwame Bediako, Paul Hiebert, Daisy Machado, Lesslie Newbigin, David Bosch, and Peter Phan the reader finds insights that illuminate the essential patterns in mission thinking and provide a horizon on what is important, a guide to how the Spirit is empowering what Pope John Paul II calls a new “springtime of mission.”

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  • Dont Trust The Abbot


    One would expect an abbot to have words of wisdom for monks living in a monastery. But could his musings be relevant for those living in a complicated and often harried world? Yes, as readers will discover in this insightful collection. In these essays-from “Coldhearted Orthodoxy” to “God’s DVD Library,” from “The God of Hearsay” to “The Turtle on the Fencepost”-readers will think in new ways about prayer and the Christian life, about faith and trust. Along the way, they will find in Jerome Kodell an abbot worthy of trust.

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  • Opening Up The Scriptures


    This volume was written by a group of eminent Catholics, including Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – now known as Pope Benedict XVI. In these erudite essays, the authors contend that historical-critical interpretation of Scripture has long since run its course in both Protestant and Catholic exegesis. Instead, they argue, the future of interpretation will lie in accepting that the Bible is not just a collection of historical documents but a record of revelation conceived in faith. By this token, true exegesis involves the faith and humility of the exegete.

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  • Why Do We Hope


    In this follow up to his popular book, What Are We Hoping For? New Testament Images, Daniel Harrington extends his reflections on hope in the Scriptures. He draws us into the striking images of the psalms – the mountain, the sun, refuge, the kingdom, sheltering wings, the olive tree, and the shepherd – to lead us to the discovery that hope is the predominant image of the book of Psalms.

    Even in their darkest laments, the psalmists remind us that God hears us and will never abandon us. In these brief essays, Harrington opens up the language of forty psalms, explores their literary ahd historical context, and then ties the psalm to our reading as Christians whose ultimate hope is in Jesus Christ.

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  • Catherine Of Siena (Reprinted)


    Introduction to the prayer and ministry of St. Catherine

    Makes accesible to a large reading public the extraordinary sensitivity and affection of Catherine of Siena, gifts grounded in love.

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  • Thomas Merton : I Have Seen What I Was Looking For


    An engaging approach for new readers and a refreshing review for long-time Merton fans, this carefully planned anthology by a fellow monk and a friend abounds with helpful insights into the life and writings of the most influential spiritual mentor of our time.

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  • Bridging The Great Divide


    Preface: Cultivators Of A Flourishing Garden Of Life

    Building A Bridge Across The Great Divide

    The Virtue Of Bi-Polar Extremism

    The Trouble With A Beige Catholicism

    Paths And Practices: Recovering An Embodied Christianity


    Lex Orandi, Lex Vivendi: The Liturgy As A Source For The Moral Life

    The Trouble With Beige Churches: A Critique Of The Influence Of Cartesian Modernity On Contemporary

    The Liturgical Act And The Church Of The Twenty-first Century

    At The Feet Of The Masters

    The Christian Humanism Of Karol Wojtyla And Thomas Aquinas

    Thomas Aquinas’s Christological Reading Of God And The Creature

    God As Artist

    Genesis And Joyce: Narratives Of Sin, Grace And Theonomy: An Essay In Honor Of Andrew Greeley On His Seventieth Birthday

    Preaching The Message

    “I’m Waiting; I’m Waiting”: An Advent Meditation

    The Grandfather And The Voice From The Whirlwind: A Meditation On Preaching The Problem Of Suffering

    Three Paths Of Holiness

    A Sermon For Children Of The Seventies

    The Way Of Nonviolence

    Thomas Merton’s Metaphysics Of Peace

    Creation, Transsubstantiation And The Grain Of The Universe: A Contribution To Stanley Hauerwas’s Ekklesia Project

    “Comes A Warrior”: A Christmas Meditation

    Priesthood And Ministry

    Priest As Bearer Of The Mystery

    Priest As Doctor Of The Soul

    Mystagogues, World-Transformers And Interpreters Of Tongues: A Reflection On Collaborative Ministry In The Church

    Evangelizing The American Culture

    Additional Info
    Bridging the Great Divide: Musings of a Post-Liberal, Post-Conservative Evangelical Catholic represents a pivotal moment in the life of the Catholic community. As the Church seeks to maintain its unique witness, nurture the faithful, and evangelize, a new generation of American Catholics has emerged. No longer the “next generation,” these new leaders came of age after the Second Vatican Council and, like many others, no longer find compelling the battles between the liberals and conservatives throughout the post-conciliar period.

    Today’s faithful are searching for an expression of Catholic Christianity that is vibrant, colorful, provocative, counter-cultural, deeply rooted in the tradition, and full of the promise of the Good News. In this timely and prophetic book, Father Robert Barron–himself a member of the younger generation–has minted a new vernacular and blazed a new way that goes bridges the great divide and gives voice to the concerns of post-liberal, post-conservative, evangelical believers.

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  • Resistance And Theological Ethics


    Introduction: Contemporary Resistance Ethics
    Ronald H. Stone
    I Resistance To Social Forces

    Resistance And Economic Globalization
    Robert L. Stivers
    Globalization: Reform Or Resist?
    Gordon K. Douglass
    Environmental Movements As Forms Of Resistance
    Heidi Hadsell
    Resistance To Structural Adjustment Problems
    Laura Stivers
    Nationalism And International Migration
    Dana W. Wilbanks
    Resistance And Biotechnology Debates
    F. E. Bonkovsky
    Resistance To Military Neo-Imperialism
    Ronald H. Stone
    II Biblical And Historical Roots Of Resistance

    The Subversive Kingship Of Jesus In Luke
    Paul Hertig
    Reading Revelation Today: Witness As Active Resistance
    Brian K. Blount
    Nature, Resistance, And The Kingdom Of God
    John C. Raines
    Citizenship, Resistance, And St. Augustine
    Frances S. Adeney
    “Is God Dead?”: The Complexity Of Resistance
    Scott C. Williamson
    Korean Women’s Resistance: “If I Perish, I Perish”
    Young Lee Hertig
    III Theological Ethics Of Resistance

    Resistance, Affirmation, And The Sovereignty Of God
    Mark Douglas
    Fundamentalism And The Big Picture Bible
    Robert A. Chesnut
    Is This New Wine? Resistance Among Black Presbyterians
    Ronald E. Peters
    Spirit And Resistance: A Theological Perspective On Lillian Hellman
    Lora M. Gross
    Theology Of Resistance In Bonhoeffer And Tillich
    Matthew Lon Weaver
    Resisting Malpraxis In Religion
    Edward LeRoy Long, Jr.

    Additional Info
    Protestantism, at its best, grounds both its religious and its social critique in the faith of the prophets and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as understood and lived by the church. Its teachings and desired practice stand in start contrast to complacent religion that seems to be at ease with imperial greed, domination, and violence.

    Resistance and Theological Ethics collects the edited and updated essays that emerged from the meeting of the Theological Educators for Presbyterian Social Witness in Geneva, Switzerland and southern France in 1999. Inspired there by the sixteenth century forces of renewal unleashed through resistance to an imperial church and society, the writings of these educators and ethicists combine to sound a clarion call for the church to stand in resistance to social, economic and political forces that threaten–while embracing those that foster–social justice, peace and human welfare.

    Each author emphasizes a specific call to nonviolent resistance against powers grounded in particular forms of sin: religious pride, greed, violence and domination. Divided into three parts, the book details social forces to be resisted, presents historical and biblical examples of resistance, and concludes with theological analysis and advocacy for action in contemporary American society.

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  • American Catholics And Civic Engagement


    Peter Steinfels
    Part 1: Catholic Thought In The American Context

    The Common Good & Catholic Social Thought
    John A. Coleman
    Pluralism & The Common Good: A Response
    Jane Mansbridge
    Catholic Social Thought & The American Experience
    Stephen J. Pope
    Contending With Liberalism
    William A. Galston
    Catholics And The Liberal Tradition
    Michael Lacey & William M. Shea
    Part 2: Catholic Institutions In The American Public Square

    The Catholic Parish In The Public Square
    Philip J. Murnion
    What Do State Catholic Conferences Do?
    William Bole
    The Limits Of Coalitions And Compromises: The California State Catholic Conference
    Edward E. Dolejsi
    Catholic Health Care & The Challenge Of Civic Society
    Clarke E. Cochrane
    Part 3: Catholics In The Public Square: Autobiographies

    Pro-life, Pro-family, Pro-poor
    Mary Jo Bane
    State House Politician
    David Carlin
    On The Beat In The South Bronx And Central America
    David Gonzalez
    Politics And Polling
    Dotty Lynch
    A Journalist’s Calling
    Don Wycliff
    Look For The Real Story
    Paul Moses
    Family, Faith And Union
    Kirk Adams
    The Workers’ Worker
    John J. Sweeney
    Family, Good Fortune And Stewardship
    Thomas J. Donnelly
    God Deals With Me Through My Clients
    W. Shepherdson Abell
    Part 4: Catholics In The Voting Booth

    How Catholic Is The Catholic Vote?
    David C. Leege & Paul D. Mueller
    There Is No Catholic Vote-And It’s Important
    E.J. Dionne, Jr.
    Catholic Republicans
    Kate O’Beirne
    Communitarian Lite
    William Bole

    Additional Info
    Sheed & Ward, in partnership with the Commonweal Foundation and with funding from the Pew Charitable Trust, proudly presents the first of two volumes in a groundbreaking series called American Catholics in the Public Square. The result of a three-year study sponsored by Pew aimed at understanding the contributions to U.S. civic life of the Catholic, Jewish, mainline and evangelical Protestant, African-American, Latino, and Muslim communities in the United States, the two volumes in this series gather selected essays from the Commonweal Colloquia and the joint meetings organized by the Commonweal Foundation and The Faith and Reason Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington. Participants in the Commonweal colloquia and the joint meetings–leading Catholic scholars, journalists, lawyers, business and labor leaders, novelists and poets, church administrators and lobbyists, activists, policy makers and politicians–produced approximately forty-five essays presented at ten meetings that brought together over two hundred and fifty participants. The two volumes in the American Catholics in the Public Square Series address many of the most critical issues now facing the Catholic Church in the United States by drawing from the four goals of the colloquia-to identify, assess, and critique the distinctive elements in Catholicism’s approach to civic life; to generate concrete analyses and recommendations for strengthening Catholic civic engagement; to encompass a broad spectrum of political and social views of Catholics to encourage dialogue between Catholic leaders, religious and secular media, and political thinkers; to reexamine the long-standing Catholic belief in the obligation to promote the common good and to clarify how Catholics may work better with those holding other religious or philosophical convictions toward revitalizing both the religious environment and civic participation in the American republic.

    This first volume, American Catholics and Civic Engagement: A Distinctive Voice, includes a general introduction by Peter Steinfels and is structured in four parts, each of which include a brief overview. Part One, Catholic Thought in the American Context, explore the fundamental concepts that underlie Catholic social thought and their relevance to American public debate and public policy-the intellectual tools with which Catholics have often participated in the public square. Part Two, Catholic Institutions in the American Public Square, reveal

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  • Teresa Of Avila


    Includes an extensive introduction covering Teresa’s life and the relevance of her writings.

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  • Cuerpo De Cristo


    Interdisciplinary studies by leading Hispanic scholars investigate the religious, cultural and artistic dimensions of Hispanic/Latino Catholicism in the United States, revealing the promise it holds for the Church of the next millenium. Uncovering the riches of Hispanic/Latino Catholicism, the essays in this volume explore its roots in the Spanish colonial and Amerindians of Latin America as well as the cultural and religious breadth of contemporary Latino faith.

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  • Gospel Of Life


    SKU (ISBN): 9780819830784ISBN10: 081983078XPope John Paul IIBinding: Trade PaperPublished: April 2000Encyclicals-PaulinePublisher: Pauline Books and Media

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  • With Ever Joyful Hearts


    SKU (ISBN): 9780898693218ISBN10: 0898693217Editor: J. Neil AlexanderBinding: Trade PaperPublisher: Church Publishing Inc. Print On Demand Product

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  • Feminist Liturgy : A Matter Of Justice


    Feminist liturgy began in the midst of a broad human quest for justice in the late twentieth century. The Civil Rights Movement and the Anti-Vietnam War movement added momentum for women’s struggle for justice. Within this ferment, women addressed the limits placed on them in secular and religious institutions as well. Feminist liturgies developed as one of a number of attempts to discover and claim a more truthful telling and embodying of the stories that shape our religious consciousness. In Feminist Liturgy: A Matter of Justice, Walton offers a “partial account” of feminist liturgies to encourage both discussion and action so that our liturgies will be “true” for all of us.

    Walton explains that liturgies typically described as “feminist” emerged in the late 1960s when women and some men realized that what they were experiencing in the liturgies not only wasn’t “enough” but, in fact, wasn’t “true.” A liturgical process that centers on an encounter-an engaged, embodied dialogue with God-cannot be true when females are left out of the dialogue. To make the liturgies more accurate, people joined together to discover how to use symbols, texts, and forms that expressed relationships with God more authentically.

    Walton examines four aspects of feminist liturgies: the historical context in which they developed, the tasks and principles that guide them, the possibilities they offer, and application to regular institutional liturgies. In examining these aspects, Walton responds to questions, clarifies hunches, alleviates doubts, and encourages more people to contribute to the development of feminist liturgies.

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  • Wagering On Transcendence


    SKU (ISBN): 9781556129827ISBN10: 1556129823Editor: Phyllis CareyBinding: Trade PaperPublished: November 1999Publisher: Sheed & Ward Print On Demand Product

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  • Media Culture And Catholicism


    SKU (ISBN): 9781556127694ISBN10: 1556127693Paul SoukupBinding: Trade PaperPublished: November 1999Publisher: Sheed & Ward Print On Demand Product

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  • Readings In Ecology And Feminist Theology


    SKU (ISBN): 9781556127625ISBN10: 1556127626Editor: Mary MacKinnon | Editor: Moni McIntyreBinding: Trade PaperPublished: November 1999Publisher: Sheed & Ward Print On Demand Product

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  • Communication And Lonergan


    SKU (ISBN): 9781556126239ISBN10: 1556126239Editor: Paul Soukup | Editor: Thomas FarrellBinding: Trade PaperPublished: November 1999Publisher: Sheed & Ward Print On Demand Product

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  • Let Justice Sing


    Justice has been an urgent concern of twentieth-century hymn writers, but are they the first to place such an emphasis on it? In Let Justice Sing, Paul Westermeyer offers an answer with the hope that it will stimulate dialogue, future studies, and an understanding of the past that can be applied to the present.

    Let Justice Sing explores the content, context, and importance of justice within the “warp and woof” of hymnody. By analyzing these aspects and past hymnic repertoires, it suggests to the Church and others who wish to join the moral deliberation it presumes, that not only have Christians always sung about justice, but the message transcends the messengers.

    The perspective and dialogue fostered by Let Justice Sing is directed to students in college or seminary courses where hymnody, Church music, or ethics is the topic; adults in forums or classes where questions about music and justice arise; and anyone with an interest in hymnody, justice, or the relationship between the two.

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  • Once And Coming Spirit At Pentecost


    Father Brown completes his look at the great seasons of the liturgical year, making the rich insights of modern biblical exegesis conveniently available to all, with this volume for the season from Easter to Pentecost.

    During this season the Church reads consecutively from the Acts of the Apostles, recounting the external life of the Church after Pentecost. The accompanying readings from the Gospel according to John portray the internal life of Christian disciples and promise a coming Paraclete to be sent by the Father. Father Brown’s title A Once-and-Coming Spirit signifies these two great biblical sources that he reflects on. He shows how these readings speak to our time as we live out the external history of a visible Church while internally drawing life from Jesus as branches on the vine. His comments offer an opportunity to appreciate the intent of the season after Easter and to prepare ourselves for the intensified gift of the spirit at Pentecost.

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  • Byzantine Rite : A Short History


    Much has been written regarding the western liturgy; the same cannot be said of the Byzantine liturgy. Father Taft contributes to a remedy of that shortfall through this work. In it he traces the origins of the Byzantine Rite during its period of formation: from its earliest recorded beginnings until the end of Byzantium (1453 c.e.). While the rite has undergone some change in the period since then, its outlines remain essentially the same.
    The author writes from a lifetime of worship and scholarly research in the Byzantine liturgical tradition. This “Short History” of the originas and evolution of the Byzantine liturgical synthesis is the fruit of over 30 years’ immersion in the sources of its history and theology.

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  • Conscience Consensus And The Development Of Doctrine


    In the works collected here, including An Essay on the Development of Christian doctrine, A Letter Addressed to His Grace the Duke of Norfolk, and On Consulting the Faithful in Matters of Doctrine, John Henry Cardinal Newman, the great nineteenth-century English theologian, debunks a few Catholic myths:

    Myth #1: The teaching of the Catholic Church on faith and morals has never changed and never will change. Not so, this brilliant scholar says. For just as each era has new ways of understanding, so, too, must the Catholic Church always change in its understanding of faith and morals.

    Myth #2: Catholics have to do whatever the Pope says. To the contrary, according to Newman’s famous quip on after-dinner toasts, the ultimate obligation of Catholics is to conscience, not the Pope.

    Myth #3: It’s the bishops who teach, the laity who follows. Newman turns this notion upside down: The laity, he says, are the source and final seal of the church’s teaching; thus the bishops must listen to them.

    Never before collected in one volume, these classic works reveal Newman at his eloquent best as he speaks to the religious crises of our time.

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  • Eastern Catholic Churches


    With rising interest in Eastern churches, this volume is a timely and helpful exploration of the Eastern Catholic Church and its celebration of the eucharist. It is written in the hope that interested laity, theological students, and ministers may come to understand and respect Eastern Catholicism for its many contributions to the universal Catholic Church. Efforts to integrate its rich legacy into their own experience will be rewarded in ways unimagined.

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