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  • Your Life Is Worth Living


    Fifty inspiring lessons to deepen your faith from one of the leading religious figures of the twentieth century and author of the Catholic bestseller Life of Christ.

    For over four decades, Fulton Sheen was the face of Catholicism in America and literally received hundreds of thousands of letters from people around the world in search of truth, faith, salvation, and spiritual guidance. In this newly repackaged reissue of one of Sheen’s classic works, the Emmy Award-winning priest takes an intimate look at our sacred journey to God and answers some of life’s most profound questions. With his clever wit and straightforward language, he explains how we can find contentment in the modern world by applying the Christian philosophy of life in our day-to-day exchanges.

    Drawing authority from scripture, and created for people of all ages and backgrounds, Sheen explores our journey home to God in an insightful conversation designed to strengthen the reader’s personal relationship with Jesus. Sheen also shares humorous stories that made him one of the most celebrated personalities of his time. This book is a lasting testament that your life is worth living.

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  • Mystery Of Faith


    Would you like to not just go to Mass, but learn to live the Eucharist?

    Now comes a clear and compassionate voice of encouragement, reflection, and inspiration.

    “I am really shaken when I begin to realize that in the palm of my hand is the one true God who rules the world, the One upon whom every nerve and tissue depends. Finally I may get to see that He allows me to adore Him in the palm of my hands at least for a moment as He only has me. He only has me. I am everything for Him. I need Him to be everything for me. He comes to me in an unexpectedly riveting way. I try to respond to these unusual words of His love. After all, I have nothing, nobody; truly I have only Him. If I lost Him, I would not be able to live.”

    First appearing in its original Polish in late 2007, The Mystery of Faith is now available in the US, England, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, and Italy. This book is impacting Catholic spirituality all over the world.

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  • Real Life Faith


    Mary Elizabeth Sperry holds a master’s degree in liturgical studies from The Catholic University of America. She has worked for the USCCB since 1994 in the Secretariat for the Liturgy, USCCB Publishing, and the Department of Communications. She is the author of Bible Top Tens and Ten: How the Commandments Can Change Your Life (both 2012). Her articles have appeared in The Liguorian, Emmanuel Magazine, Today s Parish Minister, and other publications. She has been interviewed about the Bible on National Public Radio, CBS Radio, NBC News, the Drew Mariani Show, The Catholics Next Door, and Seize the Day.

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  • Finding Happiness Through Faith


    The world is facing a phase of religious change. The paradox: while many long for spirituality, churches are becoming more and more empty as many individualize their faith experience. Yet we all long for community, and Christianity has a long history of joy-filled and vibrant communities of faith. Learning to fully comprehend and love the Christian faith is necessary if we want to know true joy and happiness.

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  • Help My Unbelief


    This book about faith and doubt, and the quest for certitude is for anyone who has ever asked: how can I really know there is a God? How can a loving God allow evil and suffering? Does science made my faith look foolish? What can I do to find assurance?

    William O’Malley provides persuasive answers to questions raised by the “new atheists,” authors like Christopher Hitchens (God Is Not Great) and Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion) whose certitude that there is no God has sparked international conversations between religious and scientific worldviews.

    Fr. O’Malley addresses the core issues with philosophical conviction and goes beyond the debate with heartfelt understanding for individuals, like himself, who sometimes doubt but always seek grace, understanding and truth.

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  • U Got 2 Believe


    SKU (ISBN): 9780879739119ISBN10: 0879739118Stan FortunaBinding: Trade PaperPublished: September 2001Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor Inc.

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  • Knowing Your Faith


    Short Catechism of Catholic teachings, practices, and worship intended for both adults and high school students. It makes use of questions and answers as well as brief instructions to present the basics of the Catholic Faith. Illustrated.

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  • Faith As Imagination


    SKU (ISBN): 9781556129070ISBN10: 1556129076Gerald BednarBinding: Trade PaperPublished: November 1999Publisher: Sheed & Ward Print On Demand Product

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  • Faith You Can Live With


    Straightforward and full of wisdom, A Faith You Can Live With lays bare the central aspects of the Christian faith. From Jesus’ Beatitudes to the Apostles’ Creed, this is a guidebook for anyone who wants to integrate the basics of the faith into their daily life.

    This second book of the Come & See Series sheds light on the Creed, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, the Our Father, the Beatitudes, and the Corporal Works of Mercy. A Faith You Can Live With is unique and inviting, building a practical foundation for an authentic, lived spirituality.

    The basics are covered in plain and simple language-perfectly suited for RCIA, adult education groups, retreat centers, returning Catholics, and anyone who is looking for a sound and usable guide that will both inform and renew.

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