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  • Salvation History Story Time


    Gather your little ones and bring Sacred Scripture to life for them with Salvation History Story Time: Move and Play with Scripture. This wonderful, interactive book shares stories from salvation history in a dynamic way, inviting young children to be part of the adventure — making animal noises, marching, praying, singing, dancing, and imagining along the way.

    The sixteen stories in this book span the narrative periods of salvation history, giving young hearts a chance to travel from creation to the age of the Church. Children will be invited to engage with each story through various movements, interactions, and activities that help them experience Scripture like never before, making Bible stories relatable, tangible, memorable, and exciting!

    This creative journey through Scripture should bring laughter, smiles, and joy to story time in your family or classroom and, in the process, plant seeds for an engaging relationship with Scripture that will last a lifetime.

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  • Little Donkey And Gods Big Plan


    Join a little Donkey as he discovers his big purpose and God’s plan for his life by becoming the donkey that carries Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

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  • Jesus Is Here


    When we go to church for Mass, we are visiting with Jesus. Throughout the Mass, Jesus is here with us.

    Jesus Is Here helps littles ones learn and follow along with the Mass in a fun and interactive way. Young Catholics will love the colorful illustrations and hands-on activities that teach them about the various parts of the liturgy through a simple, kid-friendly approach. Parents will love how this lift-the-flap book keeps children engaged at Mass and sparks their love of Jesus and the Eucharist.

    Perfect for families with young children to take along with them to Mass, this durable and dependable board book is sure to become a favorite keepsake.

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  • Saintly Rhymes Through The Year


    Heaven’s saints are holy,
    Each in their own way.
    Here you’ll find their stories to inspire you every day.

    Remembering these rhymes is simple as can be.
    They show how we can all be saints–
    Even you and me!

    Filled with colorful illustrations and catchy rhymes, Saintly Rhymes for Modern Times teaches your child that everyone is called to be a saint. These kid-friendly rhymes allow children to see the beauty of Christian holiness through the lives of our more recent saints.
    With these sixteen poems, nineteen holy men, women, and children will become your child’s friends in heaven!

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  • Look And Learn Toddler Edition


    This brightly illustrated look-and-learn board book helps toddlers discover and name the fascinating things that are part of the Catholic faith! Written to help engage her young child during church, Look and Learn – Toddler Edition: First Words for Catholic Kids board book by Casey Pawelek makes faith fun.

    Sit with your child and go on a “treasure hunt” to explore the colors, sights, and sounds of a typical parish church. Peek at the altar, discover the fruits of the spirit, the rosary, the books of the Bible, and much more.

    Look and Learn – Toddler Edition: First Words for Catholic Kids board book:

    *Will hold a child’s interest with colorful illustrations that name people, places, and things

    *Is the perfect book for young children ages 1-3 to bring to church!

    *Sparks spiritual curiosity in young children and plants seeds for conversations with parents and teachers

    *Invites children to experience the Catholic faith from a very early age as lively, fun, and engaging

    Makes a great gift for new babies, toddlers, new parents, and children’s ministry leaders

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  • Pascual And The Kitchen Angels


    Newly refreshed with a contemporary redesign, Pascual and the Kitchen Angels tells the story of the patron saint of cooks and kitchens with luminous illustrations by the beloved Tomie dePaola.

    When Pascual is born, angels sing from the trees. So it is no surprise when he grows up and wants to join a monastery to help the poor. But when Pascual meets the friars, they send him to the kitchen to cook for them.

    Poor Pascual! He doesn’t know how to cook, so he prays. And that’s when the kitchen angels swoop down and prepare a feast so delicious that the friars want him to cook every night. What can he do?

    Tomie dePaola’s charming text and vibrant, fully refreshed illustrations reminiscent of Italian frescoes capture the beauty and humor of the story of Pascual, patron saint of the kitchens.

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  • How The Angels Got Their Wings


    With these charming rhyming verses, Anthony DeStefano begins this enchanting children’s book on perhaps the most fascinating of all God’s creatures – the angels.

    How the Angels Got Their Wings is a winsome introduction to the story of the angels – pure spiritual beings of extraordinary power made by God to assist Him in carrying out His will. Beginning with the creation of the angels and the “war in Heaven” between the good angels and the bad, this book introduces children to the famous archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael – as well as to Satan, the ringleader of the fallen angels, who chose to rebel against God.

    This book also acquaints children with those special angels who are here with us right now, helping to protect and guide us – our guardian angels. It shows children how angels can assist them with all the problems they encounter in life, from communicating with others to choosing between right and wrong, and can protect them from physical harm.

    How the Angels Got Their Wings is a beautifully illustrated, highly entertaining, biblically correct, and theologically orthodox introduction to angels. Once children read it, they will be forever comforted in knowing that God’s love for them is so strong that He gave them not only His Son, but the angels above so they will never, ever be alone in life.

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  • I Am : God Shares His Name


    “God replied to Moses: I am who I am.” Exodus 3:14 Introduce children to God–by name! Long ago, God revealed his name to Moses, sharing his love for all his people. This name tells us all of the power and love of the God who created and saved us. This delightful board book will help parents, grandparents, and teachers introduce children to the wonder of God’s love–and his holy name.

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  • Petook : The Rooster Who Met Jesus


    Petook is a snowy white rooster that is proud of his wife’s new brood of chicks, and quick to protect them from an intruding young stranger named Jesus walking through the garden. But when he sees the child kneeling in wonder and caressing his newborn chicks, Petook is soothed and crows happily.

    Years later, Petook, whose home is in sight of Calvary’s hill, is awaiting another hatching and becomes strangely agitated when he sees men being lifted onto crosses there. He doesn’t know that one of the men being crucified is the same boy who visited Petook’s family long ago. But three days later on Easter morning, as a new brood of chicks hatches that coincides with the Resurrection of the stranger, Petook is inspired to crow with great joy, celebrating the mystery of new life.

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  • Our Ladys Picture Book


    In this charming book, DeStefano introduces Catholic children to well-known images of the Blessed Virgin Mary by giving children a peek into her own personal “picture book.” Over the centuries, Our Lady has been the subject of thousands of works of art that depict her as an advocate of sinners, a protector from harm, and a powerful intercessor with her Son. Our Lady’s Picture Book highlights Mary’s unique role in salvation history by explaining some of her most famous titles of honor, including: Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Loreto, Our Lady of the Assumption, Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, Our Lady, Queen of Peace, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. When children read this book, they will not only be captivated by its exquisite images, but will also learn to ask Our Lady to intercede for them with Jesus at all times and in all circumstances. Indeed, Our Lady’s Picture Book is actually a beautiful, book-length prayer to the Mother of God. Together with Our Lady’s Wardrobe, it will give children a magnificent yet simple introduction to the main purpose of Mary’s life-to love and serve Jesus Christ and to lead others to do the same.

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  • Extraordinary


    Extraordinary is a charming picture book about God’s extraordinary love for each of us. He loves us even when our hair isn’t combed, our knees are scraped, and our house is a mess. He and His angels see through it all and know we are each Extraordinary!

    The perfect picture book for young children learning about God’s love for them. It also shows the beauty of the first three Catholic sacraments: Baptism, Reconciliation, and First Communion. You may also purchase the accompanying coloring book, An Extraordinary Coloring Book, to allow the child in your life to become the illustrator of Extraordinary!

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  • Our Ladys Wardrobe


    Over the centuries, Our Lady has appeared at many different times and in many different places, but few realize that she almost always appears in quite diverse and dazzling styles of dress.

    In these stunningly beautiful pages, best-selling children’s author Anthony DeStefano considers Mary’s distinctive raiment in the various apparitions and elucidates the message she bears in each. By means of these wise pages and their delightful images, children come to understand the main lesson of Mary’s whole life — the need to do whatever her son Jesus tells us to do.

    First, children meet Our Lady in Nazareth, poor and therefore not robed in splendor. Next, they encounter her in Heaven, dwelling in an enormous mansion (as is promised by Jesus to all who live there) with an exquisitely beautiful wardrobe. DeStefano engages young readers in consideration of fifteen exterior garments of Our Lady, thereby leading young souls directly into the interior messages of her Immaculate Heart.

    Here children will explore the wardrobe and messages of:
    –The Blessed Virgin Mary in Nazareth
    –Our Lady of Mount Carmel
    –Our Lady of Perpetual Help
    –Our Lady of Czestochowa
    –Our Lady of Grace
    –Our Lady of Lourdes
    –Our Lady of Fatima
    –Any many more!

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  • Picture Book Of Saints (Expanded)


    Now in a padded hardcover edition, this beautiful and inspiring volume by a well-known author, teacher, and missionary will bring joy to young and old. The book contains the lives of over 100 popular Saints, and each is made more memorable by a twofold portrayal in word and picture. The life of each Saint is carefully and simply written in an informal, pleasing style that will delight parents, teachers, and the children with whom they share these pages. The glorious, full-color illustrations are strikingly beautiful and marked by their fine detail.
    July 2015 – Updated and Expanded Digitally Re-mastered

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  • Catholic Babys Touch And Feel


    This perfect gift to celebrate a birth or Baptism will delight little ones with charming illustrations of their first milestones. Embossing, foil, and glitter combine to engage their senses. Colorful tabs accentuate the tactile elements found throughout this unique offering. CPSIA compliant.

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  • My Picture Missal


    SKU (ISBN): 9780899422756UPC: 602383216681Lawrence Lovasik | Jude WinklerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: December 2011Saint Joseph Childrens Picture BookPublisher: Catholic Book Publishing

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  • Mass For Children


    SKU (ISBN): 9780899424897ISBN10: 0899424899Lawrence Lovasik | Jude WinklerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: November 2011Saint Joseph Childrens Picture BookPublisher: Catholic Book Publishing

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  • Holy Rosary


    SKU (ISBN): 9780899422848UPC: 602383216698Lawrence Lovasik | Jude WinklerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: October 2011Saint Joseph Childrens Picture BookPublisher: Catholic Book Publishing

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  • Miracles Of The Bible


    SKU (ISBN): 9780899425238ISBN10: 0899425232Lawrence Lovasik | Editor: Jude WinklerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: April 2003Saint Joseph Childrens Picture BookPublisher: Catholic Book Publishing

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  • Way Of The Cross For Children


    SKU (ISBN): 9780899424972ISBN10: 089942497XLawrence Lovasik | Jude WinklerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: December 1992Saint Joseph Childrens Picture BookPublisher: Catholic Book Publishing

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  • Great Women Of The Bible


    SKU (ISBN): 9780899424873ISBN10: 0899424872Lawrence Lovasik | Jude WinklerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: September 1990Saint Joseph Childrens Picture BookPublisher: Catholic Book Publishing

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  • Stations Of The Cross


    SKU (ISBN): 9780899422992ISBN10: 0899422993Lawrence Lovasik | Jude WinklerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: August 1990Saint Joseph Childrens Picture BookPublisher: Catholic Book Publishing

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  • I Believe In God


    SKU (ISBN): 9780899422763ISBN10: 0899422764Lawrence Lovasik | Jude WinklerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: July 1984Saint Joseph Childrens Picture BookPublisher: Catholic Book Publishing

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  • My First Picture Dictionary


    SKU (ISBN): 9780899423067ISBN10: 089942306XLawrence LovasikBinding: Trade PaperPublished: January 1982Saint Joseph Childrens Picture BookPublisher: Catholic Book Publishing

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  • Miracles Of Jesus


    SKU (ISBN): 9780899422794ISBN10: 0899422799Lawrence Lovasik | Jude WinklerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: July 1978Saint Joseph Childrens Picture BookPublisher: Catholic Book Publishing

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