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  • 33 Days To Morning Glory


    The international bestseller 33 Days to Morning Glory returns in a new expanded study edition designed specifically for group retreats. Supplementing the original text of 33 Days to Morning Glory are thought-provoking questions for each day to answer and discuss in a group setting. This new volume also provides exclusive access to retreat videos posted on, to enrich the consecration experience and encourage group discussion. Using 33 Days to Morning Glory: Group Retreat & Study Guide, readers will discover in a nurturing group setting that belonging completely to Mary is the quickest, easiest, and surest way to Jesus.

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  • Finding Jesus In The Psalms Leader Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


    A meaningful encounter with Jesus and the Psalms through the season of Lent with Barb Roose.

    In this six-session study, Bible study author Barb Roose guides the reader through a meaningful encounter with the Psalms through the season of Lent. Combining an interpretation of the psalms with prayerful engagement, the study moves through the familiar words of Psalm 23 toward the painful cries of Psalm 22 uttered by Jesus on the cross. The study includes invitations to pray the Psalms and develop new prayer practices in the context of Lent. Additional components for this six-week study include a book and DVD/Video Sessions featuring Barb Roose.

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  • What We Believe


    Discover the Amazing Riches of the Catholic Faith

    What is the Catholic Church all about? What does it mean to be Catholic? What do Catholics actually believe? The Catholic Church is extraordinary. Founded by Christ himself, the Catholic Church is where we encounter God in his Word, his sacraments, and his saints. The Church faithfully proclaims the fullness of faith, leaving no truth out. It proclaims the fullness of life, leaving no person out. It calls all to repent and to believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the source of all life and salvation.

    Maybe you’ve been Catholic your entire life. Maybe you’re just beginning to explore the Catholic Faith. Wherever you are in your journey, you will be profoundly moved by the beauty and the richness of the Catholic Church.

    Written by Marcellino D’Ambrosio and Andrew Swafford, What We Believe presents and explains the essential teachings of the Catholic Faith in a readable, approachable way. In it you will discover:
    *What Catholics truly believe

    *Who Catholics are and how we are called to live

    *The blessings of Creation, redemption, and newness of life in the Holy Spirit

    *The profound gift of the sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist, the source and summit of our Faith

    *How to imitate Christ through prayer, through personal conversion, and through love for others.

    *And more!

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  • Worship At Home Lent 2021


    Worship at Home: Lent 2021 is packed with weekly worship services you can do on your own or with others and includes services for each week in Lent, including Ash Wednesday and services for Holy Week. This book is for congregations and individuals who want to stay spiritually connected and growing, even when they’re not worshiping together in the same space. It provides everything you need to conduct meaningful, spiritually fulfilling, traditionally rooted worship services at home or in other intimate environments.

    Each service includes essential worship elements, from gathering to benediction, with words and actions you can say and do yourself, links for online musical selections plus traditional hymn suggestions from a variety of hymnals.

    Here’s how individuals and families can use Worship at Home:
    – Individuals can use the resource for personal devotion and worship at any time, wherever they like. Use the entire service, or simply choose whatever portions are helpful.

    – Families can use Worship at Home in the same ways, any time and any place.

    – Suggestions are included for creating worship spaces at home, and for involving children in the services.

    Here’s how congregations or groups can use Worship at Home:
    – Pastors or group leaders can use this resource as complete worship plans for weekly church services. The pastor might prepare a sermon or homily, but everything else is ready to go.

    – People can use the resource for worship in any space-at a senior care center, in a park, on the lawn, at the church, and so forth. No bulletins or hymnals are needed.

    – People gathered to worship via Zoom, FaceTime, Instagram Live, or livestream will all be reading aloud the same prayers from these books, singing the same songs or singing along with a video.

    This provides real participation and a sense of community, even when people are worshiping remotely.

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  • Journey Of Faith For Adults Catechumenate


    Journey of Faith for Adults welcomes adults of all ages and backgrounds to the Catholic faith and meets them where they are in their own faith journey, using an engaging pastoral style. Based on the ever-popular and long-running Christian initiation program from Liguori Publications, Journey of Faith and Jornada de Fe (previously, Camino de Fe) addresses relevant life issues, faith topics, and questions in a catechetical approach to RCIA.

    Now with a new, more modern design, Journey of Faith combines discussion questions, private journaling, and other activities to appeal to a variety of learners and offer a program that’s flexible enough for you to modify to your particular needs. For parishes that enjoy Liguori’s Catholic Update newsletter, lesson-by-lesson references allow you to easily supplement any topics with timely and enlightening articles.

    The lessons in Catechumenate guide participants toward full conversion by discussing core concepts of Catholic belief and practice in straightforward language using real-life examples. Complex and sensitive issues are addressed from a contemporary perspective with authority and understanding. The topics in Catechumenate include the RCIA process and rites, salvation history, each of the sacraments, Church history, dignity of life, social justice, and moral living.

    The comprehensive Leader Guide gives you everything you need to walk into your RCIA sessions and start leading-whether you’re a veteran catechist or a first-time volunteer. Additional discussion points prepare you for their responses and keep the conversation going. The contemporary wraparound design enables you to see what your participants see so you can spend more time sharing and growing in faith alongside your group.

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  • Holy Moses


    In Holy Moses, Arley Fadness takes the reader on a trip with Moses and the Hebrew people. This collection of six family-oriented Lenten services creates excitement and anticipation in children and adults alike as they retell and relive the greatest salvation event in the Old Testament. The Exodus experience is relived and remembered while being applied to the lives of modern Christians.

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  • Word Into Life Year C (Revised)


    Journey of Faith: The Word into Life contains exercises to assist Christian initiation groups of all ages “break open” the Word of God in the Sunday Scriptures. Includes cross-referencing to help you use Journey of Faith catechetical handouts in a lectionary-based approach to Christian initiation.

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  • Word Into Life Year B (Revised)


    The Word into Life is a valuable tool that will help leaders of Christian initiation groups “break open” the word of God proclaimed in the Sunday liturgy. Whether group participants are adults, adolescents, or children, The Word into Life offers commentary and questions for discussion to bring the Sunday Scriptures alive

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  • Hey Joseph


    Create stimulating, family-oriented Lenten worship that captivates the imagination with this engaging “dramily” series. Six humorous sketches, interwoven with brief homilies highlighting key points, update the familiar Old Testament story of Joseph and his brothers for contemporary audiences ? providing an instructive and entertaining resource for midweek programs. Additional messages and dramas for Holy Week and Easter Sunday shift the focus to Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection.
    By touching on such universal experiences as family squabbles, sibling rivalry, parental favoritism, jealousy, hatred, false accusations, reconciliation, trust, and healing, Hey Joseph! is certain to resonate with the people in the pews. It offers pastors, worship leaders, and drama groups a thematically unified total package that’s flexible and easy to adapt for any size church. A complete list of simple props is included, along with helpful illustrations for constructing “Joseph’s Granary,” which may be stocked with food donations for local pantries.

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  • Worship Aids Series 1 Year 1


    Preparing to lead a congregation in worship Sunday after Sunday is a formidable and pressure-filled responsibility. That’s why busy worship planners will love this handy, easy-to-use resource with several prayers and a worship theme for every Sunday throughout the year. Each week’s material includes three scripture texts, with a call to worship, an invocation/collect, a prayer of confession, and suggested hymns relating to each passage. This complete collection offers a wide selection of practical aids for creating sincerely reverent, meaningful worship.
    “The creative task of a worship leader requires useful resources, both practical and spiritual, for use in public worship as well as personal devotions. This volume provides a source for meditation, prayer, and fellowship with God and the people of God. The genius of the book is couched in the connection Kirkland makes between his own spirituality, the poetry of the biblical texts, and the spiritual quest of the worshiper and the worship leader.”
    Ernest S. Lyght
    United Methodist Bishop
    New York, New York
    “Every busy pastor appreciates well-organized and theologically sound help when planning worship each week. Kirkland’s vast pastoral experience and deep spiritual commitment can greatly enhance worship in our congregations. Worship Aids will prove to be a very useful tool in every pastor’s study.”
    F. Herbert Skeete
    United Methodist Bishop Emeritus
    Riverdale, New York

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  • Wheres Noah


    Where’s Noah? features the classic biblical story of Noah, the flood, and God’s salvation in a worship format that engages all generations. This resource features monologues, brief pithy sermons, the exchange of animal tokens, crossword puzzles, an Easter Sunrise play, and other creative worship/learning experiences.

    Worship leaders, clergy, and drama players will find this a refreshing series for congregational unity and growth.

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  • Lenten Worship For Young Adults


    Each of these six worship services includes a meditation of about fifteen minutes, as well as prayers, suggested hymns and responsive readings.

    A service based on the Seven Last Words
    A call to service
    An evening service for Lent
    A service based on theological ideas
    A service based on Baptism
    A service based on Holy Communion
    No formal rehearsal is required and each service involves between four and seven participants.

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  • Lenten Resources For Worship Leaders


    These field-tested materials represent the creative effort of many denominations. Each includes ideas for preparation, items needed, suggestions for use, number of parts, and the time for best use.

    This complete Lenten volume for busy ministers includes:
    Shadows Around The Cross: A Tenebrae
    A Good Friday Vigil
    The Service Of Diminishing Lights — for Sundays in Lent
    Justified By Greed: Monologue Of A Pharisee — for Lent
    The Passover Haggadah: A Traditional Seder Service
    Litany For Forgiveness
    Litany For Palm Sunday
    Litany For Easter
    Meditation: Forgiveness Is Peace
    Meditation: You Make The Difference
    Litany Of Confession
    Litany For Peace

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  • Visions Of Lent Year 3


    A new and unusual service for Lent…!

    At the beginning of Lent each family in the congregation is invited to lend a plant from home (silk or live), following a Jewish Shavuot custom. The following Sundays in Lent build on this focal point as an object is added each week. Two readers participate in a dialogue explaining the symbol for that day. A child brings the symbol forward and holds it during the dialogue. In this way several families are able to participate.

    Visions of Lent Year 3 also includes:
    * Sample bulletin insert prior to Lent
    * Example of plant reminder that can be used in bulletin
    * Sample Torah for bulletin inserts
    * A suggested worship service for Palm/Passion Sunday

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  • Visions Of Lent Year 2


    Visions of Lent Year 2 — Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) offers congregations a weekly presentation to be included in the regular Lenten worship service. This follow-up to Volume 1 (which concentrated on the Feast of Passover) focuses on the Palm Sunday story and six elements within that story that were significant parts of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles or Booths. The festival is rooted in Leviticus 23:33f, where God commanded Moses to declare the festival to the people of Israel as a reminder of the temporary shelters they lived in when He delivered them out of Egypt.

    Preparation for this worship series is very simple. Lent I begins with a plain, “symbolic” booth which is placed somewhere within the sanctuary. For the next five weeks objects are gradually added inside the booth.

    Objects include:
    Lent 2 — citron (or other citrus fruit) in an attractive yet simple container
    Lent 3 — musical instruments (flute, cymbal, lyre, harps, trumpets, etc.)
    Lent 4 — donkey figure or picture
    Lent 5 — a large crown
    Lent 6 (Palm Sunday) — palm branches

    Each presentation involves four participants including: minister, a youth and two other readers. Parts are brief and need not be memorized.

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  • Visions Of Lent Year 1


    “Worship in Lent provides an opportunity for a congregation to reflect significantly on our faith. Unlike Advent and Christmas, Lent is free from the excitement busyness and commercialism that distract us as worshipers. We need to hear Gods voice afresh. The Passover tradition is a wonderful vehicle for that kind of listening,” writes Betty Lynn Schwab.

    Visions Of Lent, Year 1 (three-book series) is a resource for congregational worship on each of the six Sundays in Lent. Special to Year 1 is a Maundy Thursday communion service.

    The series provides congregations with a weekly presentation, which may be placed in the worship service. Each presentation offers a symbol. Symbols for Year 1 are Passover-related.

    Symbols are:
    The bitter herbs
    The scorched shank bone
    The green herbs
    The fruits and nuts
    The unleavened bread
    The roasted egg

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  • Symbols Of Sacrifice Year 3


    The sacrificial life of Christ is a major focus of Lent. Symbols Of Sacrifice provides the congregations with opportunities to create visual worship aids representing Christ’s life during worship.

    Each weekly presentation builds a growing reminder of Christ’s sacrifice for the congregation.

    This series offers a list of symbols and explanation of the symbols. These are provided for the Sundays of Lent and Easter Sunday.

    Symbols are:
    A globe of the world
    A lantern
    A grain of wheat
    A cloak
    A white robe

    This is one book in a three-part series of Symbols Of Sacrifices. Other books in this series are Year 1 and Year 2.

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  • Alive For Everymore


    Alive For Evermore is a collection of seven worship services compiled by CSS. It recognizes the need of pastors to have in one volume, orders of service for important celebrations of the church during Lent and Easter.

    You will find in this compact volume complete services for:
    Ash Wednesday
    Palm Sunday
    Maundy Thursday
    Good Friday (two services)
    Easter Sunrise
    Easter Morning

    Each suggested service includes an order of worship, liturgy, scripture, and hymn possibilities. Copy privileges are available with each service. The seven services include congregation involvement in various forms. The Sunday sunrise service invites participation from a family in the congregation.

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  • Parents Of The Passion


    We have heard from the disciples of our Lord. Each has told us his story time and time again. But what of those who knew Our Lord and his disciples because they had given them their life and nurtured them in Godly homes?

    William Grimbol takes us into the homes of seven families in Palestine. With an eye to stressing values of a godly home and upbringing, the author helps us to imagine how the parents of Thomas, Simon the Zealot, Nathanael, Peter, Judas, James the Less, and Jesus must have felt, seeing their adult children give themselves to a cause which they did not understand — nor, in some cases, appreciate.

    These seven monologs are appropriate for use at Sunday or mid-week worship during the season of Lent. Each is matched with an accompanying order of worship, which the purchaser of this publication may duplicate in quantity for use in the local congregation.

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