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Science and Faith

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  • Science Reason And Faith


    Built into our very nature is a desire to know the world around us. The big questions of human existence are inescapable: Who am I? Why am I here, and where am I going? Why is there evil in the world? What is the meaning of life?

    This yearning for truth ultimately leads us to our Creator. God knows the longings of the human heart, and he reveals himself to us through creation, through Scripture, and ultimately through the Incarnation. Because God the Son became man, we have a person to look to in our pursuit of truth: Jesus Christ himself, who is Truth. Christ helps us see that truth is not just the object of science and reason but the reality that animates the mysterious and loving power of faith.

    In Science, Reason, and Faith, Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, explores in depth the Bible and the intersection of three realms that the secular world tells us are separate and incompatible. Fr. Spitzer draws the modern reader’s attention to the many seeming conflicts between science, reason, and Catholic teaching. By tackling these difficult questions, he shows that it is precisely through the integration of science, reason, and faith that we can truly discover ourselves, our world, and our God.

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  • Hours Of The Universe


    In a traditional monastery the recitation of the Hours calls to mind the work of God in our lives, from the gift of creation to the sufferings we bear. According to scientist, theologian, and author Ilia Delio, the universe is the new monastery. In her latest work she offers reflections for this new monastery to a broad, general audience seeking new meaning and purpose in today’s world.

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  • Hidden Heart Of The Cosmos (Revised)


    First published in 1996, this book sought to answer the question: What does it mean to be human, to live on planet Earth, in the universe as it is now understood? Now, with a new introduction and the fresh perspective of more than twenty years of study, Swimme continues his quest to reveal the new story that is developing in response to this age-old question.

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  • Faith And Science At Notre Dame


    A University Of Notre Dame Press Title

    The Reverend John Augustine Zahm, CSC, (1851–1921) was a Holy Cross priest, an author, a South American explorer, and a science professor and vice president at the University of Notre Dame, the latter at the age of twenty-five. Through his scientific writings, Zahm argued that Roman Catholicism was fully compatible with an evolutionary view of biological systems. Ultimately Zahm’s ideas were not accepted in his lifetime and he was prohibited from discussing evolution and Catholicism, although he remained an active priest for more than two decades after his censure.

    In Faith and Science at Notre Dame: John Zahm, Evolution, and the Catholic Church, John Slattery charts the rise and fall of Zahm, examining his ascension to international fame in bridging evolution and Catholicism and shedding new light on his ultimate downfall via censure by the Congregation of the Index of Prohibited Books. Slattery presents previously unknown archival letters and reports that allow Zahm’s censure to be fully understood in the light of broader scientific, theological, and philosophical movements within the Catholic Church and around the world.

    Faith and Science at Notre Dame weaves together a vast array of threads to tell a compelling new story of the late nineteenth century. The result is a complex and thrilling tale of Neo-Scholasticism, Notre Dame, empirical science, and the simple faith of an Indiana priest. The book, which includes a new translation of the 1864 Syllabus of Errors, will appeal to those interested in Notre Dame and Catholic history, scholars of science and religion, and general readers seeking to understand the relationship between faith and science.

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  • Quantum Shift : Theological And Pastoral Implications Of Contemporary Devel


    While the field of science has made incredible advances in the past century, and more and more scientists have gone to great lengths to make these developments accessible to the public, we still rarely hear ministers and communities of faith discussing the implications of these developments for the life of faith. Quantum Shift explores recent developments in science from relativity to quantum mechanics to cosmology and then suggests ways in which people of faith might engage these scientific developments to foster their understanding of God and what it means to be part of the world we believe God created. Heidi Ann Russell demonstrates how these scientific developments offer us new and exciting images that spark our theological imaginations and reinvigorate our spiritual lives.
    Includes Illustrations

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  • Christianity And Science


    “There is nothing in Christian faith that should make one afraid of science’s widening and deepening knowledge. No matter how enormous the picture of the natural world turns out to be, it can never surpass the infinity we have always attributed to God.”

    In his many previous books John Haught established a reputation as the leading Catholic theological voice in the study of science and religion. In this work he offers his most systematic theological reflections on the relation between Christian revelation and the unfolding story of the universe. In the face of recent discoveries some maintain their faith by clinging to a pre-scientific worldview; others conclude that perhaps “the universe has outgrown the biblical God who is said to be its creator.” For Haught, however, exploration of the “three infinities”-the immense, the infinitesimal, and the complex-serves as invitation to an unprecedented appreciation for the grandeur of God, creation, Christ, and redemption.

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  • Ecology At The Heart Of Faith


    An engaging meditation on how the fullness of being Christian entails an embrace of creation, becuase care for Earth is at the heart of the life of faith.

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  • Evolutionary Faith : Rediscovering God In Our Great Story


    SKU (ISBN): 9781570754517ISBN10: 1570754519Diarmuid O’MurchuBinding: Trade PaperPublisher: Orbis Books

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