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B. J. Beu

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  • Worship At Home Lent 2021


    Worship at Home: Lent 2021 is packed with weekly worship services you can do on your own or with others and includes services for each week in Lent, including Ash Wednesday and services for Holy Week. This book is for congregations and individuals who want to stay spiritually connected and growing, even when they’re not worshiping together in the same space. It provides everything you need to conduct meaningful, spiritually fulfilling, traditionally rooted worship services at home or in other intimate environments.

    Each service includes essential worship elements, from gathering to benediction, with words and actions you can say and do yourself, links for online musical selections plus traditional hymn suggestions from a variety of hymnals.

    Here’s how individuals and families can use Worship at Home:
    – Individuals can use the resource for personal devotion and worship at any time, wherever they like. Use the entire service, or simply choose whatever portions are helpful.

    – Families can use Worship at Home in the same ways, any time and any place.

    – Suggestions are included for creating worship spaces at home, and for involving children in the services.

    Here’s how congregations or groups can use Worship at Home:
    – Pastors or group leaders can use this resource as complete worship plans for weekly church services. The pastor might prepare a sermon or homily, but everything else is ready to go.

    – People can use the resource for worship in any space-at a senior care center, in a park, on the lawn, at the church, and so forth. No bulletins or hymnals are needed.

    – People gathered to worship via Zoom, FaceTime, Instagram Live, or livestream will all be reading aloud the same prayers from these books, singing the same songs or singing along with a video.

    This provides real participation and a sense of community, even when people are worshiping remotely.

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