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Betty Schwab

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  • Visions Of Lent Year 3


    A new and unusual service for Lent…!

    At the beginning of Lent each family in the congregation is invited to lend a plant from home (silk or live), following a Jewish Shavuot custom. The following Sundays in Lent build on this focal point as an object is added each week. Two readers participate in a dialogue explaining the symbol for that day. A child brings the symbol forward and holds it during the dialogue. In this way several families are able to participate.

    Visions of Lent Year 3 also includes:
    * Sample bulletin insert prior to Lent
    * Example of plant reminder that can be used in bulletin
    * Sample Torah for bulletin inserts
    * A suggested worship service for Palm/Passion Sunday

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  • Visions Of Lent Year 2


    Visions of Lent Year 2 — Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) offers congregations a weekly presentation to be included in the regular Lenten worship service. This follow-up to Volume 1 (which concentrated on the Feast of Passover) focuses on the Palm Sunday story and six elements within that story that were significant parts of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles or Booths. The festival is rooted in Leviticus 23:33f, where God commanded Moses to declare the festival to the people of Israel as a reminder of the temporary shelters they lived in when He delivered them out of Egypt.

    Preparation for this worship series is very simple. Lent I begins with a plain, “symbolic” booth which is placed somewhere within the sanctuary. For the next five weeks objects are gradually added inside the booth.

    Objects include:
    Lent 2 — citron (or other citrus fruit) in an attractive yet simple container
    Lent 3 — musical instruments (flute, cymbal, lyre, harps, trumpets, etc.)
    Lent 4 — donkey figure or picture
    Lent 5 — a large crown
    Lent 6 (Palm Sunday) — palm branches

    Each presentation involves four participants including: minister, a youth and two other readers. Parts are brief and need not be memorized.

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  • Visions Of Lent Year 1


    “Worship in Lent provides an opportunity for a congregation to reflect significantly on our faith. Unlike Advent and Christmas, Lent is free from the excitement busyness and commercialism that distract us as worshipers. We need to hear Gods voice afresh. The Passover tradition is a wonderful vehicle for that kind of listening,” writes Betty Lynn Schwab.

    Visions Of Lent, Year 1 (three-book series) is a resource for congregational worship on each of the six Sundays in Lent. Special to Year 1 is a Maundy Thursday communion service.

    The series provides congregations with a weekly presentation, which may be placed in the worship service. Each presentation offers a symbol. Symbols for Year 1 are Passover-related.

    Symbols are:
    The bitter herbs
    The scorched shank bone
    The green herbs
    The fruits and nuts
    The unleavened bread
    The roasted egg

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