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Raymond Brown

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  • Christ In The Gospels Of The Ordinary Sundays


    Father Brown discusses how a Gospel was formed and explains what is distinctive about each of the four Gospels. Then he fits the Sunday readings into an overall picture of each Gospel, showing how the Gospel shapes the narrative, its the theological emphases, and what it says to readers.

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  • Once And Coming Spirit At Pentecost


    Father Brown completes his look at the great seasons of the liturgical year, making the rich insights of modern biblical exegesis conveniently available to all, with this volume for the season from Easter to Pentecost.

    During this season the Church reads consecutively from the Acts of the Apostles, recounting the external life of the Church after Pentecost. The accompanying readings from the Gospel according to John portray the internal life of Christian disciples and promise a coming Paraclete to be sent by the Father. Father Brown’s title A Once-and-Coming Spirit signifies these two great biblical sources that he reflects on. He shows how these readings speak to our time as we live out the external history of a visible Church while internally drawing life from Jesus as branches on the vine. His comments offer an opportunity to appreciate the intent of the season after Easter and to prepare ourselves for the intensified gift of the spirit at Pentecost.

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  • New Jerome Bible Handbook


    The New Jerome Bible Handbook-the perfect guide for those who would grow in wisdom of the Word.

    If commentaries you have used in the past have only made the Bible more of a mystery for you, try The New Jerome Bible Handbook.

    You receive the quality scholarship behind the highly respected New Jerome Biblical Commentary but written and presented in a style accessible to all readers of God’s Word.

    The Bible is your book, written for you and your family to strengthen you, guide you, and bring you closer to God. You need a commentary that opens the Bible to you. The New Jerome Bible Handbook doesn’t leave you wondering, it leaves you wonderfilled

    Every Bible book is introduced.
    The background to each is fully explained.
    Maps and pictures help make the meaning clearer.
    Thirteen articles are included, covering relevant topics ranging from archaeology to how we should understand the truth of the Bible.
    The teaching of each book is brought out in detail.
    A highlighted extract gives a taste of the style of each book.
    A full index helps to make this an ideal one-volume reference book.
    Inside pages are two-color.

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  • Adult Christ At Christmas


    In this digest of his longer work, The Birth of the Messiah, Father Brown puts the adult Christ back into Christmas, treating the infancy narratives of Matthew and Luke as the entire Gospel story in minature.

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