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1 Minute Aquinas


Pope St. Pius X said that “in just one year, a man can derive more profit from the works of St. Thomas Aquinas than from a lifetime studying the works of others.”

If you don’t have a year to study the more than 3,000+ pages St. Thomas wrote, then turn to The One-Minute Aquinas, the fast-paced book that provides busy readers with simple, readable explanations of the truths that, for 750 years now, have caused the works of St. Thomas to be sought out by kings and popes, scholars and saints, as well as by ordinary souls like you hungry to know God and to love him more and more.

In this book’s lucid pages, author Kevin Vost gives you mall, digestible portions of St. Thomas’s life-giving wisdom that you can enjoy one minute at a time. Tables and graphics will help you grasp and remember St. Thomas’s key ideas with a minimum of time and effort.

Best of all, in The One-Minute Aquinas you’ll find quick, sure refutations of the countless relativistic, secular, and pseudoscientific ideas that are so influential in our culture today and so shallow, contradictory, and wrong!

Pope John Paul II declared that “The Church has been justified in consistently proposing St. Thomas as a master of thought and a model of the right way to do theology.” Now The One-Minute Aquinas enables even those with limited time and only a modest education to benefit from the wisdom of this great saint.

Here, with minimal effort and among scores of other things, you’ll finally come to know and understand: Why God permits evil, Why He created t he universe, His power and (yes!) its limits. Why Jesus let Himself be tempted. How you can grow quickly in virtue. The natural law and the Commandments. The causes of lust (and how to remedy it). Aquinas’s five simple proofs that God exists Grace: did you know there are six kinds?

Temperance (and what it does not forbid) Fortitude, and the virtues that strengthen it Mary: can she really be the Mother of God? And more!

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SKU (ISBN): 9781622821587
ISBN10: 1622821580
Kevin Vost
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2014
Publisher: Sophia Institute


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